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June 28th, 2017

ETL Systems Involved with Timeline Television's First UHD Uplink Truck

ETL Systems, a designer and manufacturer of RF signal distribution equipment for SATCOM, has assisted Timeline Television build their first UHD production/uplink truck — designated “RF1” — for use with major UK broadcasters.

To meet their high demand in services, Timeline Television decided to build the RF1 as a six camera UHD production truck that is also able to operate as a communications vehicle, with two powerful independent transmission paths with dual chain redundancy.

Timeline Television enlisted ETL engineers to provide components to handle the routing of various L-band signals around the transmission paths. ETL supplied L-Band splitters and combiners for the RF tray, which allowed it to correctly route all signals around the two dishes easily. ETL also adapted the order throughout the process as Timeline Television changed orders and designs to better suit the direction of the project. The vehicle, which is now fully operational, has been busy since operating throughout the UK.