Satnews Daily
September 17th, 2015

SSPI's Promise & Mentor Awards Nomination Deadline Ends This Week

[Satnews] The deadline is rapidly approaching for the 2015 SSPI Promise & Mentor awards.

Nominations are due by the end of this week—three young satellite professionals will receive a Promise Award for demonstrating initiative, creativity, and problem-solving skills that made a positive impact on their company's performance. The Mentor Award will be given to a satellite executive who has fostered young talent, both within his or her organization and throughout the industry, and also has volunteered time and energy in support of the industry.

    •    To download the Promise Award Nomination form, click here.
    •    To download the Mentor Award Nomination form, click here.
The Award recipients will be honored at the 2015 Future Leaders Dinner on November 10 in New York City. Obtain your tickets right away...