Satnews Daily
December 14th, 2012

CETel... Ranked Right Up There... (Event)

[SatNews] The World Teleport Association published its annual rankings for...

...the Top Teleport Operators of 2012. CETel (Central European Telecom Services GmbH), a leading German Teleport & Satellite Service Provider, is ranked third in the category “Fastest growing Teleports in the World” by the association and, therewith, is the fastest growing Teleport in Germany. In addition, CETel GmbH could manifest its ranking in the list of the Independent Top Twenty Teleport operators, where it is ranked for the third time, which underlines the success of CETel’s diverse service portfolio. The Independent Top Operators, consisting of companies that do not own and operate satellites, had combined revenues of USD 2.3 billion and grew more than 9 percent from USD 2.1 billion the prior year.

“Being ranked as fastest growing Teleport in Germany for the fourth time is a great honor to us. Thanks to our enthusiastic, professional, and hard-working team, that accomplishes this growth through development of new services, and the steady enlargement of our customer base”, states Guido Neumann, CETel Group’s Managing Director.