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April 22nd, 2012

SpeedCast + Saxon Energy... O&G Offering On Target (SATCOM)

[SatNews] SpeedCast has announced Saxon Energy Services as the first major customer for its...

...newly launched, next-generation DVB-S2 satellite service operating out of Perth, Australia. SpeedCast partnered with SatComms Australia, an Australia-based provider of mobile and fixed satellite solutions and teleport operator, to deliver the next generation service, specifically targeting the strong demand for Oil & Gas Exploration. SpeedCast and SatComms will support Saxon Energy Services’ communications needs for two major projects in Australia.

Saxon Energy Services

is a rapidly growing international oilfield services company that operates a contract drilling and well servicing business for oil and gas exploration and production companies throughout the world. Saxon required satellite communications support for two gas exploration projects in the eastern and southern regions of Australia for both drilling rig and accommodation camp infrastructures. Saxon selected SpeedCast and SatComms Australia based on the depth of their experience in the Asia Pacific region and based on the strength of their international support network. SpeedCast has provided mission critical communication solutions in Asia Pacific for over 10 years, and has recently established the new service offering in Australia, catering to the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries. SpeedCast partnered with SatComms Australia to meet the needs of Saxon, based on SatComm’s significant presence throughout Australia and their ability to deliver high-quality local support.

SatComms has extensive experience in Australasia, servicing a diverse group of customers ranging from Maritime, to Military, to Oil & Gas Exploration. SpeedCast and SatComms Australia will deliver the satellite communications for the two Saxon gas exploration projects, which involves connecting multiple sites throughout eastern and southern Australia, in order to enable critical communications between the remotes sites and Saxon’s regional headquarters in Adelaide, Australia, and global headquarters in Calgary, Canada

SpeedCast’s next generation DVB-S2 satellite service, which provides greater flexibility, scalability, and redundancy for customers, as well as allowing them the option to deploy point-to-point networks locally in the region. The new service is part of SpeedCast’s overall strategy to invest in regions and infrastructure to support the natural resource industry.