Satnews Daily
November 11th, 2010

SatCom Group Holdings + Abbey Technologies... Acquiring Minds Wish To Know...

[SatNews] Satellite communications company SatCom Group Holdings Plc has acquired Abbey Technologies GmbH.

Based in Zug, Switzerland, Abbey Technologies GmbH is a product development, software, and design company focused on advanced Java Web Application services, Swing & HTML, UI design and usability. For the past 19 months, Abbey Technologies has focused on the development of SatCom’s latest offering, Horizon, a suite of products designed from the ground up to support super efficient communications delivery optimized for satellite. Horizon features ultra-low bandwidth VoIP from as low as 2Kbps, optimised e-mail, instant messaging, and web browsing on a single platform. Horizon was developed to lower the costs and simplify satellite communications.

Brian Collins, founder of Abbey Technologies, is an expert in Java server-side architecture and advanced user interface technology and he will take on the new role of Chief Technical Officer for SatCom Group Holdings Plc as the result of the acquisition. With the acquisition of Abbey Technologies, the SatCom Group gains additional valuable Horizon intellectual property. Abbey’s technical expertise will help the group achieve strategic growth and expand its business into new markets.