Satnews Daily
September 19th, 2013

Racelogic—Multi-Constellation Assistant For Engineers (GNSS)

[SatNews] The company has announced the launch of the LabSat3, their latest product in the popular range of LabSat Global Navigation Satellite Simulators.

LabSat3 is a low cost, stand-alone, battery powered, multi-constellation, RF record and replay device, designed to assist GNSS engineers in the development and testing of their products. With its small size and all-in-one design, LabSat3 makes it easier than ever to collect raw satellite data in the same environment that end users experience n everyday use. This enables repeatable and realistic testing to be carried out under controlled conditions.

LabSat3 can be single or dual channel, and each channel can be tuned to one of 3 user selectable frequencies; GPS + Galileo + QZSS + SBAS, Glonass or Beidou.

LabSat3 GNSS Simulator replaying raw data into a navigation device (Photo: Business Wire)
For precise control over replayed data, satellite signals can be artificially generated using the optional SatGen simulation software, which re-creates GPS, Glonass and Beidou constellations. This simple to use software allows comprehensive tests to be carried out at any time, date, place and 3D trajectory, anywhere around the world, without leaving the bench.

LabSat3 is supplied with a free library of pre-recorded and simulated files from around the world, using multiple constellations, allowing the LabSat3 to be used straight out of the box.

LabSat is currently used by many leading manufacturers of GPS chipsets, portable navigation devices, smartphones and major car companies in their test, development and production processes. Racelogic are an ISO 9001 company with offices in the UK, USA and Germany. LabSat was recently awarded a double Queen's Award for Innovation and Export.