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March 9th, 2012

Thales Alenia Space... A Core Development (Satellites)

[SatNews] Thales Alenia Space ETCA, a subsidiary of Thales Alenia Space based in Charleroi, has received an order from the German company...

...OHB System to supply eight electronic modules for the last eight satellites in the Galileo constellation. This additional batch of satellites is designed and manufactured by OHB System, industrial prime contractor for the space segment. As part of the Fully Operational Capability (FOC) phase, the Belgian subsidiary has already signed a contract with OHB System to provide a Power & Distribution Conditioning Unit (PCDU) for each of the first 14 satellites in the constellation.

Thales Alenia Space ETCA is to design and deliver the Power Conditioning and Distribution Units, more commonly known as electrical cores. They supply power to all the satellites’ equipment and instruments, from the two power sources on board: the photovoltaic solar panels and the batteries during solar eclipses. The PCDU will also manage the storage of the excess power produced by the solar panels in the satellites’ batteries.

Galileo is the European program for developing a global satellite navigation system. Applications will include maritime, air and land transport, emergency operations, public works and agriculture. After the launch of the Giove-A and Giove-B test satellites in 2005 and 2008, and of the two pairs of In-Orbit Validation (IOV) satellites, the first of which was launched in October 2011, the Full Operational Capability (FOC) phase will be deployed, making a total of 30 satellites in the final configuration of this constellation.

For the four Galileo satellites of the IOV phase, Thales Alenia Space ETCA supplied the transmitter units that enable the satellites to communicate with the operators on the ground for remote control and telemetry. Thales Alenia Space ETCA also coordinated the various subcontractors that each build part of the hardware and software needed for these units. With the assistance of SSBV, Thales Alenia Space ETCA also designed and manufactured the benches for testing and validating the transmitter units before the four IOV satellites are launched. The definition and development phase and IOV phase of the Galileo program were conducted by ESA and co-funded with the European Commission. Thales Alenia Space company information link.