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November 5th, 2013

IntoPIX + Artel Video Systems—Technology Showcase @ CCW2013 (SatBroadcasting™ —Video Transport Platform)

[SatNews] In its booth at CCW, Artel Video Systems (#709) will showcase the DigiLink video transport platform featuring high performance, low latency, HD-SDI to JPEG2000 compression with MPEG-2 TS and DVB-ASI encapsulation.

The demonstration highlights the partnership with intoPIX, a leading provider of FPGA-based JPEG2000 solutions. DigiLink’s integrated solution takes an uncompressed HD-SDI signal and compresses the signal using intoPix JPEG2000 core, then encapsulates the compressed video along with the audio and all ancillary data into industry standard MPEG-2 TS and DVB-ASI.