Satnews Daily
September 5th, 2013

MTN Satellite Communications—More With Mano (SATCOM)

[SatNews] MTN has announced the continuation of its partnership with Israeli cruise leader Mano Cruises—a customer since 2007—as the company increases its connectivity services.

In an effort to further increase the scope of communications for guests and crew sailing throughout Europe Mano will be deploying MTN’s Internet and crew calling solutions.

“MTN products and services add great value to the Mano Cruise offering for both passengers and crew,” said Shalabi Gassan, information technology manager at Mano Cruises. “MTN brings innovative thinking to our partnership in terms of how we can maximize its unmatched communications network and we look forward to a continued relationship with MTN.”

The MTN solution allows Mano to fully localize its Internet experience in Hebrew, enabling guests onboard to surf the Internet in their native language. Ten other languages are also available through a simple language selection option to meet the needs of Mano’s diverse passenger base.

“Beyond the appeal of its extraordinary itineraries and services, Mano wants to offer a quality communication experience to guests as they explore Europe,” said Brent Horwitz, senior vice president, MTN cruise and ferry services. “In working with Mano, we are confident our strategic partnership will help improve customer loyalty and increase repeat cruises, as well as provide crew a reliable means to stay connected while away from home.”