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May 16th, 2019

SATCOM ICs Among Anokiwave Products to be Spotlighted at IEEE International Microwave Symposium2019

At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium on stand #223 to be held June 2-7, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts (IMS2019), Anokiwave will feature the industry’s most advanced and complete portfolio of Silicon ICs for SATCOM, mmWave 5G and radar applications.

This year marks Anokiwave’s 20th anniversary as well as the release of the company's third generation of mmWave dual polarization 5G Beamformer ICs (BFIC), IF Up/Down Converters (IFICs), and second generation of K-/Ka- and Ku-band SATCOM BFICs. Anokiwave senior staff will be present and available for meetings during the show. Using a 300mm Silicon CMOS process, Anokiwave ICs provide the optimum balance of low cost and high-performance.

Dr. Nitin Jain, Anokiwave Founder and CTO, said the company has 20 years of experience designing silicon mmW active antenna ICs and is enabling the commercialization of mmW active antennas with silicon IC. Anokiwave’s unique and advanced design capabilities enable the industry’s highest performing 3GPP compliant 5G radios with applications from 5G infrastructure to Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE). Now with the second-generation SATCOM ICs, Anokiwave is enabling the market for LEO/MEO/GEO satellite ground and aero equipment.