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July 1st, 2015

Partnership 'Tween Vocality Int'l + Kingston University To Develop Connectivity Solutions

[SatNews] Vocality International has a new partnership with Kingston University, a leading technical institute in Surrey, UK.

The project will involve developing new advances in connectivity over multiple communication channels.  The technology will analyze in real-time the quality of available wireless networks including satellite, radio, 3G, 4G, and WiFi, using the information gathered the fastest or most cost effective network provider will be selected. The solution will intelligently switch seamlessly between providers, based on performance or cost preferences, enabling users to securely work uninterrupted regardless of location. These new developments will have relevance to a number of key markets including government, military and the private sector.

A knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) grant worth £262,000 has been awarded to Vocality International to assist in the development of these ground breaking new ubiquitous technologies. Recruitment will begin shortly for two post-doctoral researchers to work on two parallel projects run by Professor Maria Martini, Professor Christos Politis and Dr. Eckhard Pfluegel from the School of Computing and Information Systems within Kingston’s Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing.