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February 2nd, 2016

GaAs + GaN BUCs Roll Out From Alga + mitecVSAT

[Satnews] A new generation of compact C- and Ku-band BUCs that were built using GaAs and GaN technologies have debuted from Alga / MitecVSAT.

The Alga / Mitec VSAT low cost compact C- and Ku-band BUC is built for VSAT stabilized platforms and mobile stations, while also offering benefits for fixed site and offshore applications. Weighing less than 7 lbs, these products make them ideal for feed mounting. Features include...

  • From 10w to 40w of available power
  • From 5w to 20w of linear power
  • Single form factor design
  • Ku-Band: 5 power levels.  C-Band: 4 power level
  • Dual LO (Switchable). Covers both regular and ext. Ku
  • Built-in Telemetry for critical parameters such as: RF power detection, mute control, over temperature shutdown, summary alarm
  • WEB interface, SNMP monitoring, RS 485, RS232, Ethernet and dry-contacts M&C Interface
  • 1:1 switching logic built into the BUC eliminating expensive external controller (Optional)
  • IP65 rated housing and Fan (weather proof construction)