Satnews Daily
February 17th, 2010

Latitude Technologies — Sentinel Supports Drop Track Reporting

Latitude Technologies Corp. has announced the IONode 100 onboard system integration product and the Air Tanker Information System software management tool kit.  Anchored by the new Web Sentinel 3.0 web-based family of products, and with two years of experience in California and Australia, Latitude has developed an end-to-end solution for real world drop track reporting.

The new IONode 100 interfaces directly to aircraft systems including the ubiquitous Bambi Bucket product line, a range of belly tanks and type I, II and III airtanker systems to provide unparalleled system monitoring and data distribution.  Coupled to an S100 or S200 Iridium-based SkyNode product, the collected onboard data is wrapped and sent to the LWS Sentinel system. The configurable and highly user friendly web-based tool box can be tailored easily by the administrator to provide a series of manageable real-time drop reports for tactical, costing, dispatch or efficiency reporting using the collected real-time data. This new family of products integrates seamlessly with existing aircraft systems so the user can add equipment and functionality as the mission dictates.