Satnews Daily
November 18th, 2013

SatService GmbH—Receiving, Loud + Clear (SATCOM—DC Inserter)

[SatNews] The sat-nms LDCI L-band DC Inserter with integrated Input Level Monitoring is a highly sophisticated unit designed for professional satellite receive applications.

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The unit is available as a scalable system with up to 5, hot-pluggable modules integrated within a 2RU 19-inch rack- mount chassis. Each module is designed to support 4 LNBs with DC power and the modules monitor the L-band output signal power. All modules include RF gain adjustment and extensiv e monitoring functionality like LNB supply current with min/max current threshold.

The remote MNC interface is via web-browser, SNMP, HTTP GET functions and RS232 interface as in all other sat-nms products. The 19-inch rack-mount chassis also provides an LCD display and keyboard for local control as an option. The scalable system can support a single antenna sub-system with 4 LNCs for a small application as well as providing power to an unlimited number of antennas with multiple sat-nms LDCI chassis. The only restriction is the supply current to the LNBs of max. 5.5 Amps. in total per standard chassis.

However, the sat-nms LDCI can also be delivered in other configurations with the ability to supply a higher total current. The main applications of the sat-nms LDCI are multiple LNB DC power insertion within a compact frame, where size is a critical issue, and additional DC p ower insertion in front of a L-Band Matrix. Due to the scalability the sat-nms LDCI is also the unit of choice in teleports with a large number of receive antennas