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July 14th, 2008

Locking In All Locations Is Loctronix Corp.

Loctronix logo Loctronix™ Corporation has successfully demonstrated tracking signals from all operational Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). A single software defined radio (SDR) platform was used to receive and process the coarse and military precision ranging channels of GPS (U.S.) and GLONASS (Russia) for all satellites in view. Made possible with Loctronix' Spectral Compression Positioning™ (SCP) technology, this achievement marks a significant advancement in position sensing. The company demonstrated that a single, relatively simple sensor, composed primarily of software and hosted on a generic RF core, can readily track any positioning signal, be it GPS, GLONASS, localized beacons or, in the future, Galileo (Europe), Compass (China), and QZSS (Japan). Until now, implementing an all-in-view SDR positioning sensor was all but impractical for commercial applications. Loctronix' universal positioning combines high-accuracy GNSS positioning services, normally only available to military users, with low-cost local and regional beacons to enable robust, meter-level position sensing, even in obstructed urban environments. Filling the gap where GNSS coverage leaves off, this breakthrough technology will permit locating and tracking people and assets everywhere, seamlessly and accurately.