Satnews Daily
November 12th, 2013

ScheduALL + Encompass—LINKing All Together (Transmission Management)

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[SatNews] ScheduALL has effectively centralized the management of bookings across Encompass Digital Media Inc. in the United States.

Encompass owns and operates state-of-the-art teleport facilities throughout the United States, Latin America, United Kingdom and Asia. Following the successful implementation of ScheduALL at their U.S. facilities, Encompass is preparing to bring its U.K. network online—the next step in centralizing their global booking network with ScheduALL.

ScheduALL’s transmission management tool, LINK, manages complex satellite, fiber and equipment inventories, validating the technical relationships of each component for efficient, conflict-free booking. The dynamic software offers global visibility over all aspects of the operation from the management of custom pricing and contracts, through intuitive scheduling guidance to invoice generation. The result is cross-facility operational awareness of their resources and streamlined processes at every step. Encompass can be truly proactive in dealing with customer bookings, operations readiness, future planning and financial reconciliation.