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April 8th, 2010

NAB... VISLINK: A NewSwift Arrival...

VISLINK News & Entertainment has selected NAB as the venue for the debut of their latest vehicle-mounted satellite antenna, named NewSwift LT. This is a vehicle-mounted satellite uplink with an innovative high performance 1.2 metre aluminium reflector.

NewSwift LT complements the company's NewSwift range of high performance vehicle mounted antennas. It has the same mountings to attach it to the vehicle, a pod housing a redundant pair of up to 200 watt amplifiers and uses the same antenna controller. Like the traditional NewSwift CF range, the new antenna also offers the advantages of a fully integrated RF system and is integrated with the VISLINK 5000 Series electronic sub systems.

VISLINK has designed this new antenna with data and mobile internet applications in mind. It is intended for applications which require high speed data connections at a lower cost, but which also require a higher quality reflector than the standard VSAT antennas due to the superior sidelobe and x-polar performances required at these higher TX EIRP levels. The NewSwift LT is designed for operation in Ku band to meet the requirements of broadcasters and mobile or temporary internet applications worldwide.