Satnews Daily
February 24th, 2011

CASBAA... Board Begets Jordan

Andrew Jordan, President and CEO of GE Satellite, has accepted a new appointment.

He has now been elected to the CASBAA Association's Board of Directors to year end 2012. A member of the CASBAA Council of Governors since 2005, Jordan is the co-chairman of the CASBAA Satellite Industry Committee (SIC), working closely with Paul Brown-Kenyon, COO of Measat. The SIC promotes satellite communications services to the investment community, media and telecommunications networks, as well as to governments and regional regulators.

Another key activity for the SIC is the development of CASBAA's two annual Satellite Industry Forums held in India and Singapore. The India Satellite Forum 2011 is scheduled for 22 March at the Shangri-la Hotel in New Delhi and the regionally focused Satellite Industry Forum will be staged on 20 June at the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore. "It is a great pleasure to welcome Andrew Jordan to the CASBAA Board of Directors," said Marcel Fenez, the Chairman of CASBAA. "Andrew has been a member of CASBAA since its inception in 1991 and brings some 25 years of experience in Asia with a significant background in content distribution and telecommunications services. He will be an asset to our Board."