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February 1st, 2010

Gilat — Getting To The Hub Of The Matter

Gilat Satellite Networks, Ltd.'s Bandwidth Optimizer (BWO) solution has been successfully deployed at hub sites in Asia. Gilat's BWO solution implements echo cancellation at the hub site, thereby enabling the Outbound and Inbound signals to share the same bandwidth, resulting in significant satellite bandwidth savings of between 20 to 50 percent.

The deployment of the new BWO solution has saved 5MHz of satellite bandwidth for one of Gilat's customers in Asia, translating into cost savings of approximately $200,000 per year. For another Gilat customer, the solution has enabled the service provider to significantly improve their services by offering higher throughput to end users, with the same space segment. Gilat's SkyEdge and SkyEdge II multi-service platforms enable the delivery of high-quality voice, broadband data and video services for different environments including enterprises, rural networks, cellular backhaul and government network applications. Gilat's portfolio of VSATs offers service providers a most suitable product choice for their application needs as well as the flexibility to evolve their networks. The newest addition to Gilat's SkyEdge II portfolio is NetEdge(tm), a dedicated solution for multi star networks, specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate networks and cellular backhaul applications.