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April 8th, 2010

ND SatCom Sets Satellite Sites In Cloud Computing — Bumps Up To XWARP™ 

ND SatCom, an SES ASTRA company, will bring XWARP™ to the international satellite and IT community during SatCom Africa in Johannesburg (South Africa) from April 13-14, 2010. XWARP™ is the first IT solution to offer geographically distributed companies or their IT service providers almost latency-free, virtualized and bandwidth-optimized software performance at the user’s front end – especially for business critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, SharePoint and MS Office.

“Overcoming latency and maintaining reasonable costs are typical challenges for transmission via satellite. Satellite communications networks are therefore often not the first choice for backup networks and enterprise connectivity for business critical applications. However, XWARP™’s combination of satellite with Citrix virtualization technology now enables, for the first time, cost-efficient Cloud Computing via satellite. With XWARP™, companies can provide virtualized applications from their data centers to users anywhere and anytime, and minimize latency in satellite-based IT networks to almost zero with our new technology enhancements”, says Christian Adolph, Director of Marketing at ND SatCom.

XWARP™’s concept is based on the use of Citrix XenApp in the data center and ND SatCom’s SkyWAN®, the leading MF-TDMA satellite router, and can either be implemented in an existing terrestrial network environment, in existing Citrix infrastructure or as a completely new network environment. XWARP™ is already operated by two South African reference customers, a satellite service provider and an ICT service provider.

ND SatCom has more than 30 years experience in the provision of satellite-based infrastructure. Every fourth MF-TDMA satellite router worldwide is manufactured at ND SatCom. XWARP™ is a solution consisting of an advanced SkyWAN® satellite router enhanced with a Zero Latency Engine, additional security enhancements to ensure efficient SPSN (Secure Private Satellite Network) connections and state-of-the-art WAN optimization techniques. XWARP™ is the only solution available on the market accelerating and optimizing Citrix delivered applications based on the ICA protocol via satellite. It is a prerequisite to use Citrix XenApp to abstract the user interface from the application running on the central server.

Two markets can benefit from XWARP™: Besides conventional satellite service providers, the solution opens new and unrivaled business opportunities for ICT, SaaS and data center providers or IT system integrators since the solution allows them to finally bring satellite as a new, cost-efficient, secure and reliable way of transmission to their end customers. The XWARP™ solution is particularly attractive for the provision of online applications in undeveloped areas with no fiber or terrestrial lines, and only low bandwidth connectivity.