Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2013

PSSI Global, Juch-Tech + NovelSat—Rapidity Realized (SatBroadcasting™—Transmission)

[SatNews] PSSI Global and Juch-Tech(Ontario, Canada) teamed with NovelSat in recent live trials to achieve a bidirectional satellite communication transfer rate of 180Mbps.

Using NovelSat NS3 and DUET technologies, PSSI was able to far exceed current industry standard performance. By moving broadcast data through satellites more rapidly, NovelSat NS3 helps broadcasters to significantly reduce transmission costs and expand the use of available satellite bandwidth.

The trials were conducted over a two day period using the Juch-Tech 9.1m antenna in Hamilton, Ontario, and the PSSI Satellite News Gathering (SNG) 3.8m antenna in Las Vegas. Transmissions included HD video and IP data with TCP acceleration/compression. The NovelSat NS3000modem, which incorporates NovelSat NS3 and Duet technologies, was used during the live trial.

NovelSat NS3 technology optimizes satellite spectrum far more efficiently than competing solutions. NS3 increases data transfer rates by as much as 78% compared with all other existing modulators, demodulators and modems. In extreme weather conditions, NS3 further proves its value, boosting network reliability and availability more effectively, and efficiently handling different channel impairments such as phase noise, non-linearity, jamming and interference.

In addition, the success of the PSSI live-demonstration relied on NovelSat DUET, powerful software-based echo cancellation technology. NovelSat DUET doubles data transmission rates over existing bandwidth by removing signal interference from the transmission. NovelSat DUET also processes signals digitally in both directions, without the need to convert signals back and forth between analog and digital. This simplifies the solution's complexity, enhances signal efficiency, and contributes to cost reduction. Unlike other solutions, NovelSat DUET achieves all this without the need for additional hardware, which further reduces capital and operating costs.

PSSI Global provides mobile satellite links for some of the largest news gathering and broadcasting organizations in North America. With commercial satellite bandwidth becoming scarcer, driving up the cost of transmission, they needed to find innovative ways to squeeze more efficiency from existing, finite bandwidth.