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Hypersonic Weapons Summit
October 28th, 2019 to October 29th, 2019

LOCATION:Washington, D.C. (map)
CONTACT:   Tel: 800-882-8684
Email: idga@idga.org
Web: http://bit.ly/2K41Tsq
DESCRIPTION:   A new arms race is upon us. The major global super powers of the United States, Russia, and China are now engaged in a race to build and test hypersonic weapons, with the ultimate goal of deployment capabilities.
To win this race it is crucial to the United States that redundancies are eliminated, ideas are shared and that the best available technology is integrated to properly defend our global posture.
Join us this October 28-30 as we discuss the future plans of the hypersonic capabilities, along with programmatic overviews, integrational challenges and plans, procurement needs to field hypersonics in all domains and more.