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June 3rd, 2016

ND SatCom Now Has A SKYWAN Partnership Cooking With Red Sun Synthesis

ND SatCom has formed a partnership with Red Sun Synthesis (RSS)—RSS designs interoperability communication platforms and markets a diversified range of related high-value products for global governments, businesses, aid and humanitarian organisations, and public security and military defence entities.
This cooperation is based on ND SatCom’s flagship technology, the SKYWAN satellite modem product family. The newest addition, SKYWAN 5G, is a powerful yet extremely compact satellite communications platform that provides unparalleled opportunities in terms of scalability and flexibility. RSS core products are its interoperability communication system, satellite radio, TETRA system and subsystems, and analogue radio. RSS is offering their interoperability communications platform along with SKYWAN 5G as part of their solutions.

RSS, supported by the ND SatCom sales force in Singapore, is reselling the SKYWAN core products by integrating these into its customer network solutions. Over the past several months, ND SatCom has trained the RSS team on the SKYWAN product family and the complete ND SatCom product portfolio which includes engineering expertise for network designs, network optimization and maintenance. This collective effort has proven successful with our first deals in Asia based on the new SKYWAN 5G Satellite Router.
SKYWAN 5G fits all topologies and supports switching to another topology over time. The product family also plays any network role, such as hub or remote, thereby simplifying logistics and customs' handling and enables unprecedented scalability as demand for network growth increases. Additionally, SKYWAN 5G can be—with this new partner program—reliably integrated in Manpacks, Flyaways or any other VSAT solution.

SKYWAN 5G includes an MF-TDMA modem and is capable of achieving significant data rates. Designed as an All-in-One device with high network redundancy and a wide range of IP support, SKYWAN 5G allows data to be transmitted in a single hop directly from their origin to their destination, thereby avoiding double hops and extra delays. Bandwidth is dynamically allocated as required, generating substantial savings in satellite capacity cost.