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TriSept Rideshare Mission to Climb Aboard an Orbex Prime Smallsat Launch Vehicle
With its expansion into the UK space market already underway, TriSept is building a multiple spacecraft manifest for a dedicated rideshare mission...
"And We are Off" ... Arianespace Sends Telecommunication Satellites Soaring for Eutelsat and ISRO
"And we are off, Ariane 5 is blazing a trail across the equatorial skies," said the announcer... for Arianespace's first flight of the new year and new decade ...
March Lift-Off for UAE's Falcon Eye 2 Satellite
The UAE will be launching the second version of its military satellite early March, about seven months after a European rocket lost the first one in space.
‘Operating in Space: Current Multilateral Policy Issues and Challenges’,  by Her Excellence Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore
This should provide inspiration for discussions on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space under the UN Disarmament Committee in New York and the Conference of Disarmament in Geneva.
In-Space Missions Service and a 10 Million Euros ESA Program
In-Space has had commercial success with the Faraday 1st Generation (F1G) service that has attracted large space primes, start-ups and...
Thales Alenia Space's EUTELSAT KONNECT Satellite Launch Announcement 
In Africa, it will also be used in conjunction with public Wi-Fi terminals so that several users can share internet access, which will be marketed as coupons that can be paid using a mobile phone.
Satcoms Innovation Group and Goonhilly Earth Station Host SIG Annual Workshop 2020
This event centers around the technical issues created by LEO launches, discusses the innovations needed to resolve those challenges and shares the current available solutions.
Plant-e and Lacuna Space Provide Plant Power as Energy Source for Smallsats
Combining the innovative energy harvesting technology developed by Plant-e with the extremely power efficient devices from Lacuna Space...
Lockheed Martin Ships JCSAT-17 to Launch Site
JCSAT-17 will provide flexible mobile communications services to users in Japan and the surrounding region. Arianespace will launch JCSAT-17 from ...
Space Milestones: Here are the Missions to Look Forward to in 2020
It will also, if successful, be the furthest distance from Earth that a spacecraft which is capable of carrying humans has ever flown. The Orion spacecraft is comprised of the ...
Formal Authorization Received by Iridium from IMSO to Provide GMDSS Service
The Letter of Compliance was formally presented to Iridium CEO Matt Desch by the Director General of IMSO, Captain Moin Ahmed, during a...
TriSept's Full Manifest for 2022 Aboard Orbex Prime's Reusable Small Satellite Launcher
... up to 30 percent lighter than other small launch vehicles, utilizes bio-propane, a clean-burning, renewable fuel that cuts carbon emissions by 90% compared to traditional fuels.
Arianespace Completes Payload Integration for GSAT-30 Satellite
This satellite was positioned on the assembled Ariane 5’s core cryogenic stage during activity inside the Spaceport’s launch vehicle Final Assembly...
Airbus Going with Arianespace Soyuz Rather than Vega for Falcon Eye 2 Launch
Arianespace stated that this change in launch vehicles is not due to the grounding of the Vega that was resultant of the United Arab Emirate's...
The Amazonas Nexus Satellite Build for HISPASAT to be Initiated by Thales Alenia Space
The new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) will enable HISPASAT to access new customers and markets, by delivering high capacity mobility services to...
Septentrio GNSS Tech to Integrate with NXP's V2X
V2X technology enables cars to communicate with infrastructure as well as other vehicles, making driving safer and more efficient. It enables cars to...
Satellite Vu's New Views ... Office Relocation and Upcoming Events
Their satellites will provide users with unprecedented data that will help business make better decisions based on their new infrared satellite imagery insights.
Dutch Researchers are Spot On Tracking Sargassum Seaweed with Globalstar Satellite 
Dutch researchers fit drifter buoys with SPOT Trace in order to understand the source of the dramatic increase in Sargassum seaweed.
ANGELS Satellite's Successful Payload 
The beacon sending the first signals picked up by the instrument was on a Japanese fishing vessel off the coast of Australia.
Putin's “Satellite Killer” Broke Up In Space
... equipped to hit land- and sea-based targets with long-range precision weapons such as hypersonic missiles, possibly clearing the way for Navy vessels in the event of conflict.