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ND SatCom Ranks in the Top 10 Among Space Tech Solutions Providers
This annual list, curated by a panel of experts ranging from CEOs to industry analysts to the magazine’s  editorial board, highlights the leading...
Arianespace Begins Preparations for Flight VA248's Launch of AT&t's T-16 and EUTELSAT 7-C
The Launch Readiness Review (LRR) will take place on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 in Kourou to authorize the start of operations for the final countdown.
Harris Earns $51 Million as Their Falcons Fly to a Central European Nation... Falcon III® Radios Enroute
delivering advanced narrowband and wideband networking ...greater interoperability with U.S. and NATO allies for coalition operations.
On the Show Floor: Appear TV's Newest X-Series Platform at BroadcastAsia 
The X-Series offers the complete spectrum of encoding codecs and helps broadcasters adopt the many benefits of an IP-centric operation in their own...
Forrester Reports: Virgin Orbit Sues One Web to Pay Up + Avanti Signs a Five Year Master Deal
Despite this legal battle, it seems Branson‘s team are staying friends with OneWeb — at least until the contracted flights have taken place — and say
Roscosmos Places $31 Million Order for Angara 1.2 Light Rocket
A light Angara-1.2PP was launched in July 2014 with a spacecraft mockup. Now Russia's space agency ordered this rocket for launching real satellites.
A Novel Tilting Satellite Dispenser Designed and Built by RUAG Space Proves Itself in the Radarsat Constellation Mission
This Dispenser system connected the spacecraft to the launcher and ensured safe separation in orbit using a first-of-its-kind tilting mechanism...
Russia Goes Orange... Sovcomflot's Arctic Fleet Depends on Orange Business Services Maritime VSAT Solution 
will keep the ships connected even when operating on the high seas, improving safety and optimizing navigation in challenging conditions.
Ten Million Euros to Fund the First Demonstration of GLoT by NanoAvionics, KSAT and Antwerp Space
The funding is for the first demonstration of the pre-cursor stage of the Global Internet of Things (GIoT) smallsat constellation with one or more IoT/M2M...
Russia Planning on IoT Constellation ... Gonets-2
...the proposal to create a system of remote sensing satellites to monitor natural resources and man-made processes. This task has been set to...
Forrester Reports: Extra Funding For Intelsat and Eutelsat
...there’s a huge difference in the interest rate costs. Eutelsat’s interest rate is just 2.25 per cent (and the debt is due for repayment in July 2027). Eutelsat is...
Aireon Receives the EASA First Space-based ADS-B Surveillance as a Service Certification
This designation represents the culmination of a three-year long collaboration between Aireon and EASA, the agency that determines and promotes civil...
International Institute of Space Commerce's Newest Patron, World's Thought Leader, Follows in Footsteps of His Good Friend
“Do you know how hard it is to make the whole world rich? Not that hard. We’ve known how since the early 1970s: harness the near endless energy..."  
Infostellar's New UK-Based Dedicated Regulatory Affairs Division is Headed by Former One Web Director 
he worked for the British Government, serving as Director of Satellite Telecommunications and Navigation at the British National Space Centre
European Space Agency to Offer an Integrated Space Transportation System
Offering an array of orbit altitudes and inclinations, Space Rider will enable a large variety of experiments in microgravity, open opportunities for...
UK Space Agency Unveils Their Ambitious Plans for the New Space Age
There are significant opportunities for the growing UK space sector as commercial space activity increases globally and the United States leads ...
Advanced Orbital Maneuvering Demo to be Incorporated by ThrustMe into the GomSpace GOMX-5 ESA Mission
ThrustMe has been selected by GomSpace for the GOMX-5 ESA mission to demonstrate advanced maneuvers for the satellite constellations of...
Forrester Reports: DTA is Far from Dying
Deepak Mathur, EVP/Global Sales at SES Video, in an exclusive interview with Advanced-Television, said that while SES recognizes that improved ...
Intellian's New Dual-Band Maritime VSAT Antenna Includes an Installation Wizard
Intellian’s upgraded antenna management and control platform, AptusNX software, includes a revolutionary installation wizard with a step-by-step 
KVH Industries Selects KONGSBERG as the Firm's First KVH Watch™ Partner
Vessel Insight enables customers to cost efficiently capture and aggregate quality data from their assets, and securely transfer them to the cloud....