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Recent Service Provider News
Atlas Space Operations in Traverse City Tracking and Predicting Weather Through 20 Small Satellites
The satellites will collect 50,000 data points every day, measuring reflective energy to help predict hurricanes and other weather phenomena.
Sixty Launched ... 11,940 Left to Go ... as SpaceX Successfully Sends Off Their First Batch of Starlink Satellites
SpaceX remains mum about its pricing... but Musk has indicated that Starlink is designed to fund SpaceX’s ultimate goal of sending humans to Mars.
Amazon Web Services Reveals AWS Ground Station for Satellite Control and Data Delivery
Once customers upload satellite commands and data through AWS Ground Station, they can quickly download large amounts of data over the high-speed...
DISA Unveils Cyber.mil as the New Home of Cybersecurity Standards
The new DOD Cyber Exchange portal at cyber.mil, which is restricted to use by individuals with a DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC), hosts...
New Hybrid Comms Service to Debut from Marlink at Nor-Shipping 2019
Called Sealink Global 4G, this a turnkey solution will provide everything needed to leverage fast, low-latency mobile services when in network...
SpaceX Preps Self-Driving Starlink Satellites for Launch
Elon Musk says SpaceX's Starlink satellites will autonomously avoid hazards in orbit. Experts are not so sure
Marlink Expands the Teekay Offshore Agreement for Global VSAT Services
As part of the contract renewal, Marlink will provide its Sealink VSAT service across Teekay Offshore’s entire fleet of shuttle tankers and FSOs...
Forrester Reports: OneWeb's Launch Schedule and Elon Musk Discusses Starlink Evoluton
Musk did not expand on the likely cost of the “medium-sized pizza” antennas needed on the ground, but that each launch would add Terabits of extra ...
HawkEye 360 and Windward Combine Tech Forces for Maritime Domain Awareness
With HawkEye 360’s space-based RF geolocation services and Windward’s technology platform, a customer will be able to validate a...
Hello MIMO ... HUBER+SUHNER's Outdoor MIMO Antennas Address Urban 5G Challenges
First-of-its-kind SENCITY® Urban antenna adopts existing city infrastructure such as street furniture for widespread 4G and 5G deployment.
SpaceX’s Elon Musk Says ‘Goodness’ Will Come From Twice-Delayed Starlink Launch
“What does the Starlink user terminal look like?” Musk said. “It basically looks like a small- to medium-sized pizza.
SES Satellite Delivers AfricaXP's Bouquet for African Viewers ... Free to Air Local Channel
Delivered via SES satellites, this bouquet is supplied by AfricaXP, the leading independent African network, which is well-known for its Nollywood....
FMC GlobalSat to Address and Demo Energy Providers at LATAM Event
FMC GlobalSat delivers 4G wireless and satellite connectivity, hardware, software, and support services as a low-cost monthly fee. The service is...
Just for Fun ... All Aboard as NASA Invites Public to Submit Names to Fly With Next Mars Rover
will use an electron beam to etch the names onto a silicon chip with lines of text smaller than one-thousandth the width of a human hair (75 nanometers).
Spectra Group, Winner of the Queen's Award for SlingShot Systems are at the SOFIC Exhibition in Tampa 
a low size, weight and power system enables UHF and VHF tactical radios to extend into the realm of Beyond Line of Sight  Communications on the Move
U.S. GSA Awards Maximum $450 Million to Viasat to Ensure Warfighters' Security Across Battlespace
Through this award, Viasat will deliver a diverse portfolio of technologies and services to advance communications, intelligence, security and...
An NSR Bottom Line: 5G — Real Satcom Opportunity or Trojan Horse?
the windfall can be very generous ... there is certain contagion risk and ...it can add further instabilities to a market with enormous pressure already.
Kleos Space Names Kongsberg Satellite Service as the Firm's Ground Service Station Provider
The appointment marks the next milestone toward revenue generation, commencing post commissioning of the Kleos’ Scouting Mission satellites...
Earth to Sky Smallsat to Launch with Delta Satellite Solutions
The launch will occur in March 2021 to 550 km. SSO and will place 120 cubesats on-orbit.
ESA's Mar's Express Captures Never Before Seen Details of Huge Lowell Crater
The huge dent in the red planet is believed to be around 3.9 million years old and is the result of a massive asteroid collision.