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June 3rd, 2016
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... Apax Partners Brings Marlink Into Their Company Harbor
Marlink’s maritime and land commercial SATCOM business is present in 14 countries.
Final Russian Decision Regarding Delayed Soyuz MS Run Date To ISS Expected To Be Made On June 6th
The government commission of the state-run corporation Roscosmos may make a final decision regarding the date of launching the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS to the International Space Station on Monday, June 6.
NOAA's Jason-3 Satellite Ready For The Hurricane Season
During this year’s hurricane season, Jason-3, and its predecessor, Jason-2, will provide NOAA with twice the amount of satellite data.
ND SatCom Now Has A SKYWAN Partnership Cooking With Red Sun Synthesis
This cooperation is based on ND SatCom’s flagship technology, the SKYWAN satellite modem product family.
Panel To Be Hosted By The HPA @ The Small Payload Rideshare Symposium
"Hosted Payloads: The Other Access to Space," will include an overview of the American Space Renaissance Act (ASRA).
RUAG Space Is Fairing Well For The Upcoming Ariane 6 Launch Vehicle
RUAG has signed a contract providing for the development of a new payload fairing.
Seven Mixing Consoles From Lawo Being Supplied To Sky Germany's Satellite News Gathering Efforts
The Lawo consoles are identically configured with 16 faders, 192 DSP channels and a routing capacity of 512 x 512 crosspoints.
Three Year Warranty On AtlanTecRF Products Now In Effect
The three year warranty came into effect on June 2nd and is subject to the company’s standard terms and conditions.