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Recent Military News
Encore for XTAR... $9.8 Million Contract Keeps US Navy's UAS Connected
... will supply X-band satellite services for the continued testing of the MQ-4C Triton UAS
C-COM Takes Their Satellite Systems Outside at NAB2017
taking their products to a large outdoor exhibit at number OE826. (Maybe it's just a coincidence, but they are located towards the beer tent.)
Walton's De-Ice Can Eliminate Snow and Ice Buildup on Antennas in Las Vegas 
... uniquely patented design prevents snow and ice from accumulating on an Earth station antenna and degrading or breaking satellite links.
Globalsat Group and Iridium Receive a Warm Welcome in Chile
... particular interest in countries like Chile, where emergencies caused by natural disasters often take telecommunications services to their limits.
UltiSat Awarded A CTC Task Order By DISA
UltiSat will provide bandwidth needed in order to support the USAF Space Test and Training Range (STTR)...
SSL is Signed to Service in Space by DARPA 
...enlisted to develop advanced capabilities for servicing and maintaining spacecraft in geostationary orbit.
Quintech's XTREME 256 Matrix Switch, Among Other Equipment, Procured by US Government
Quintech’s XTREME 256 matrix switch provides best-in-class reliability and uptime for critical 24x7 transmissions.
Moving On Up... SSL Strengthens US Government Support with Appointments of New Executives
Under the direction of Richard White, who was promoted to President of SSL Government Systems, Robert Zitz has joined the company as...
Air Force's Space Chief Receptive to Flying on Recycled SpaceX Rockets
The idea of flying on recycled rockets became a reality a week ago when...
Roccor's High Strain Component Technology Patents Licensed to AFRL
The HSC boom uses AFRL’s HSC technology controlling the release mechanism and kinematic mounts while in space.
New Orders for Advantech Wireless' X-Band Family of SATCOM GaN-Based SSPAs and BUCs
These advanced systems are extremely versatile and perfectly suited for harsh environments, SOTM and man-pack terminal deployments.
On the 33rd Space Symposium Show Floor — Ball Aerospace Presents Innovations and Discoveries
At this year's Symposium, Ball Aerospace leaders have already participated in...
Satnews Publishers Finds a Bright Future at the 33rd Space Symposium
From greener types of energy and future journeys into deep space, to bright futures for educational STEM programs...
Airbus Safran Launchers and ONERA Buddy Up to Plan for the Future
With the aim of meeting the looming global competitiveness and technological innovation challenges
Russia's Top Military Brass Warns Nearly All Low-Orbit Satellites Within Reach of US Missiles
Russia's General Staff says practically all low orbit spacecraft will be within the missile defense’s killing zone
NATO Digging Into Their Wallets for Global Hawk SATCOM and More...
The treaty alliance was slated to have all five of their US-made Global Hawk drones delivered by the end of 2017.
Airbus Defence and Space Introduces Four New Executive Committee Members
Airbus Defence and Space has undertaken a strategy update with a clear focus on growth after years of consolidation.
A Wireless Underwater Charge from Aerojet Rocketdyne for US Navy
The Navy will be able to prioritize and schedule fielded UUVs that require remote recharging...
First Images from SBIRS GEO-3 Received
The Lockheed Martin team is also working to modernize the fifth and sixth SBIRS satellites under a no-cost contract modification for the US Air Force.
Disaster Response and Connecting Affected Communities Enabled by SES
The plug-and-play modular RRV solution can easily integrate and deploy an array of communications technologies and devices aboard its mobile vehicle...