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Recent Business Moves News
Glavcosmos and Their Launch Services to Propel Two Korean Satellites to Orbit
According to these Russian companies, the CAS500-1 and CAS500-2 space vehicles are EO models that will picture the Earth in panchromatic...
Advantech Wireless Do Brasil Garners a New Director
Mr. Xavier has more than 25 years of experience in Management, International Business Development and Sales in the areas of...
Aerojet Rocketdyne Provides the Power for Launch of Satellite for NASA’s Space Network
The RL10C-1 delivers 22,890 pounds of thrust to power the Atlas V upper stage, using cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants.
UK Space Agency's Call to All ... Those Who Want to Support UK Spaceflight
The response was rewarding when a call went out from the UK Space Agency for grant proposals to establish initial launch capability in the UK. How many?
Telenor Group Names New EVP Who is Also a People Person
Cecilie B. Heuch, 51, is joining Telenor from DNV GL Group and will also become member of Telenor's Group Executive Management team,
AsiaSat and Encompass Enable Fans to See SEA Games ... Feeds Cover Huge Footprint
the feeds will be delivered across the satellite’s extensive footprint, with a combined population of more than 647 million people of diverse languages
Roofr - New Roofs Via Satellite
Now, there’s a new company on the horizon that wants to inject a healthy dose of technology into this venerable industry and help you protect your...
Australia Plans to Take a Bigger Slice of the $420 Billion Space Race 'Pie'
Australia is one of only a few developed countries without a national space agency, and New Zealand established its agency last year.
Neumann Space Rocket is Powered by Metal ... Munches on Magnesium
... power a spacecraft from Earth’s atmosphere to Mars and back on a single block of magnesium but could also use a variety of other metals.
ViaLite - Comms for Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit, Michigan
Using ViaLite’s RF over fiber links in this installation reduced the overall cost of implementation, while increasing reliability, performance and ease of installation...
Moving Into Telesat is Industry Vet Don Brown to Head Up Government Services
Mr. Brown will focus on creating and executing Telesat’s business strategy in global government markets for Telesat’s geostationary fleet, specifically...
Globecomm - Comms for a Supercarrier
A 10G fiber optic backbone supports the system as well as the ship’s video surveillance capabilities.  The system includes interface to the ship’s...
Chinese Quantum Satellite Passes Muster, Now Let's Make a Hack-Proof Communications Network
Micius can only conduct quantum communication in the Earth' s shadow; that is to say, it can only work at night to avoid interference from sunlight.
Russia's Possible Launch Delay of Amazons-5 Due to Manufacturer's Late Shipment
It's the domino effect ... when one issue causes a delay it is passed along, and it could mean the delay of the launch of the Amazons-5 satellite.
Pivotel and Global Marine Networks - Joining Forces
The procurement of the Tennessee-based company facilitates greater levels of integration with Pivotel’s broad suite of satellite technologies...
Speedcast - Comms Fleet Fix for Fred.Olson Cruise Lines
The Speedcast multi-band managed communications platform will be installed on each of Fred. Olsen’s ships, monitoring for and adopting the...
DataPath's $37.4 Billion Contract ... Selection of the Fittest for RS3 Program
... and so it is with a 10-year, $37.4Billion contract that DataPath has been awarded.
UrtheCast - Millions for SAR "Accelerator" Satellite
Using the same SAR technology that the company has been developing for the OptiSAR constellation, this contract will allow UrtheCast to accelerate...
AsiaSat 5 and Eurovision Media Services Pump Up for Taipei 2017 Universiade
it's imperative that the various venues are transmitted without any interruptions. To accomplish this the following ...
Speedcast - Int'l O&G Firm Contracts Comms Support in Iraq
The project scope includes four sites at a major oilfield in southern Iraq, using Speedcast’s locally licensed entity to deliver communications services...