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The STN Dob Teleport Receives the WTA's Full Tier 3 Certification
STN becomes the first teleport in Slovenia to achieve full certification and bring the number of fully-certified teleports around the world to 26...
Pentagon: China, Russia Developing Satellite-Killing Lasers
Pentagon says both countries are likely developing an arsenal of anti-satellite weaponry including missiles, cyber attacks and 'directed energy weapons,
And this Year's Space Foundation’s Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award Goes to ... The National Space Council
When the National Space Council was reestablished it created a wave of new public attention regarding the importance of space in the United States.
ManSat Group Presents Subject-Matter Experts During the Recent PTC'19 Event in Hawaii
At the conference, ManSat co-sponsored the Satellite Leaders Lunch with ManSat CEO Chris Stott co-moderating a six-strong panel of satellite industry...
Space-Focused Accelerator Program Announced by Techstars and Starburst
With recent technological breakthroughs such as reusable rockets, 3D printing, advanced materials, and miniaturization of satellites (“smallsats”), as...
Emerging Space Markets Analysis, 2nd Edition, Now Published by NSR
A market pushing for commercialization of space, coupled with increased investor interest in a bigger and bolder vision of Emerging Space startups...
Forrester Reports: Satellite Sector Urged to Share Spectrum by the ESA and ITU
But ahead of the four-week confab, the European Space Agency (ESA) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have issued similar messages...
The Final Mobile Connectivity 2019 Conference Program is Announced by GVF-EMP
The Mobile Connectivity 2019 event — for which around 509 key connectivity suppliers have already confirmed attendance — will examine...
Market Insight from BIS Research — Small Launch Vehicles (SLV)
This demand for small launch vehicles is fueled by the non-availability of space for the small payload in heavy launch vehicles and the long wait-time...
The 2019 Board of Directors and the Satellite Mobility Awards are Announced by the Mobile Satellite Users Association
MSUA is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting satellite mobility innovation and development of the satellite mobility market worldwide. The...
C-COM Satellite Systems' First Electronically Steerable Phased Array Antenna and a Big Speaker at SmallSat Symposium
C-COM Satellite Systems was... is... and will continue to be a busy company based upon their expertise in the world of antennas.
The 2019 Nano/Microsatellite Market Forecast is Published by SpaceWorks
Projections indicate as many as 2,800 nano/microsatellites will require launch over the next five years. SpaceWorks analysts projects between 294...
Euroconsult Report Focuses on Satellites to be Built and Launched by 2027
The company anticipates that 330 satellites with a mass over 50 kg. will be launched on average each year by 2027 for government agencies and...
NSSLGlobal’s Iridium CertusSM Service Goes Live
Iridium Certus ensures that crews at sea are safely connected and maintain consistent communication, regardless of location.
PCI Geomatics' Webinar Gets the Clouds Out of the Picture ... Creating Mosaics Using Cloud Free Satellite Imagery
Creating mosaics using cloud free satellite imagery can be challenging given the persistent presence of clouds in imagery.
Canadian Astronaut's 'Photo Shoot' of Earth from ISS ... David Saint-Jacques: Dare to Explore … Earth!
Not many can take advantage of shooting photos of Earth while housed in the ISS, but that's what Canadian astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, is doing.
Russia Mulling Sovereign's Eye Satellite Network to Watch 'Any Process on Earth'
"We are now proposing a project called 'Sovereign's Eye', which would allow us to see the dynamics of any changes on Earth,"
Connected Buses and Trains Receive the Spotlight in NSR Report
However, what is oftentimes missing from the debate, is the prospect for connected trains and buses to be served via satellite. While the broadband...
Market and Technology Forecast to 2027 Reveals Evolution of Global Military Comms
The communications have evolved from runners to SATCOM which has eased the transfer of information to a faster and more reliable form...
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies' Final Report Veil of Secrecy About Uranium Production
the technologies and tools used to detect and evaluate uranium production, which is "the secretive first step toward a nuclear fuel cycle capability."