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Now Offered by Research and Markets Insights Into the Global Low-Cost Satellite Market, 2017-2021
The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years.
Cloud-Free Images Released by PlanetObserver with Up-To-Date Geographic Info
Processed with current Landsat 8 source data for 40 percent of the global and more than 300 major urban areas across the world...
DTH Channels for Satellite Will Not Grow as Quickly in the Long Term, According to NSR
Capacity growth will be limited in the medium-term as Cable TV and IPTV platforms turn to HEVC to reduce costs...
From PCI Geomatic's "Get More From Imagery" Webinar Series...
Object Analyst offers an intuitive workflow based approach that will make it easy for non-image processing experts to make...
Shenzhen Airlines Takes Off Safely ... Using Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband-Safety, and Cobham's 300D Hardware
Beginning May 2017, Shenzhen Airlines will be taking off in more than one way ... with a new service ...
ENENSYS to Acquire TeamCast
ENENSYS confirmed that TeamCast will continue to operate as a standalone company.
Thuraya is Forging Ahead at Their 15th Partner Conference in Dubai  
the 15th annual Partners' Conference in Dubai, hosted by Thuraya is Forging Ahead... and they are doing just that.
RFP from USAF SMC for EELV LDPEs... Ridesharing for the Future
This SMC acquisition responds to the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) standard service policy that requires rideshare services on launch missions when feasible.
Arabsat Engaging in the Arab Radio and TV Festival
Arabsat has a unique and strong commercial relationship with ASBU,...
Far-Out Technologies to Receive NASA Funding
The agency received 1,621 proposals in response to its 2017 solicitation for its SBIR and STTR programs.
Major Milestone for Ariane 6 Completed by Airbus Safran Launchers and their Partners
The review confirmed that the maturity of the industrialization of Ariane 6 is sufficient to start production of the ground qualification models...
Russia Launches Two Cosmonauts Who Successfully Commute to International Space Station
 The Expedition 51 crew members will spend more than four months conducting approximately 250 science investigations such as ...
Major Milestone Reached by SPOT Satellite Devices — 5K+ Rescues Across the Globe
SPOT customers are currently initiating nearly two rescues a day.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Puts US Closer to Independent Space Travel With Reusable Engine Test 
“We look forward to ... continuing our proud heritage of enabling astronauts to fly to the International Space Station from US soil.”
IRG Asks THE Question ... Interference, Is Technology Able to Solve It?
The good news is that sectors across the industry are working on technologies to counter interference, many of which are available for use now.
India's ISRO Planning a J-V to Build Launch Vehicles
The first launch is planned for 2020-21 under this proposed entity...
Awesome Aussies to Send Off Collaborative CubeSats
Large space stations eventually have to come down through the atmosphere, with something that big it’s important to know exactly where they will land.
Experiments as Well as Supplies Head for ISS Aboard Orbital ATK's Cygnus Resupply Spacecraft After ULA Launch
Highlights from the new experiments will include studies on cancer-fighting drugs, crystal growth and atmospheric reentry.
Technology Advances Made Possible Through ZERO-G Research Flights
A collection of flights on G-FORCE ONE, ZERO-G’s specially modified Boeing 727, gave researchers the chance to run experiments and test innovative systems...
VORAGO Technologies' ISO 9001 Certification Indicates Positive Management 
Their customers trust their products to operate reliably in the most extreme environments.