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FCC Approves OneWeb Frequency Access Request
This action paves the way for OneWeb to provide broadband services using satellite technology to expand Internet access in remote and rural areas...
Russia May Have Accidentally Revealed Their New Military Satellites
One of the photographs showed the delegation inspecting a board containing information on a geostationary satellite identified as the ‘Repei-S’...
Airbus, The Forest Trust and SarVision Create Starling Forestry Monitoring Service
A webinar will be hosted on June 29 to show how Starling is supporting the genuine transformation of the palm oil industry by using an advanced...
Plans for Implementation of a U.S. Space Corps Service Being Worked Up by U.S. House Armed Services Panel
The two issued a joint statement wherein they indicated that the Department of Defense (DoD) is "unable to take the measures necessary to...
Harris' Advanced Weather Satellite Instrument to be Instrumental in Helping Save Lives in South Korea
Improves weather forecasting to help save lives and property 
TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) for ISRO as They Prepare for Friday's Huge Launch of 31 Satellites
with 30 other nano satellites that will include 29 from 14 different countries and one from India made by students from ...
Orbital ATK's Latest Milestone Completes Critical Components in NASA's Orion Launch Abort System
... consists of a solid propellant gas generator and eight equally-spaced valves capable of providing 7,000 lbs. of thrust in any direction.
Telenor Satellite's Nittedal Teleport Gains WTA Tier 3 Full Certification
Full Certification under the WTA program is the result of a comprehensive data-collection and inspection process.
ISRO Needs to Keep Up With the Time ... Will Launch Back-up Satellite with Working Atomic Clock
one of the seven satellites in the constellation, that has been hobbled by the failure of the atomic clocks on board.
A What? An Aerospike Rocket Prepares for First Test Launch
Aerospike rocket engines are markedly more fuel efficient than the current engines that could result in ...
Earth Observation Small Satellite Mission Now a Funding Campaign by KSF Space
The EOSS mission also will be mentored by the IFGICT (International Federation of Green ICT) scientific community and the organization's members.
A WFIRST Study Success for Ball Aerospace
WFIRST, the top priority of the most recent Decadal Survey in 2010, would bring the ability to capture individual images with the depth and quality of...
EO Imagery Analytics Via Your Browser — And, There's No Charge...
The product is LandViewer and the program was developed by  (EOS). This is an on-the-fly, real-time imagery processing and analytics service that...
Earning a WTA Tier 3 Full Certification is Cyta's Makarios Teleport
A Full Certification from WTA provides independent validation of the quality of Cyta’s operations for their customers and prospects throughout the region.
Orbit's Upgraded Antenna Control Systems Withstand Extremes and Provide Answers for Major U.S. Scientific Agency 
Orbit ACUs allow for both automatic and slave tracking as well as remote control operation via a host computer.
Digital Ship's Maritime CIO Forum to be Held in Rotterdam in September
Digital Ship's 4th Annual Maritime CIO Forum Rotterdam will investigate how we can harness all these opportunities and will debate which...
Just Released U.S.A.F. Reports Reveal Near-Perfect Performance Record for Civil GPS Service
Operated by the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, the GPS constellation provides precise PNT services worldwide 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
China's First X-Ray Space Telescope Sees Through Dust and Darkness to Find Black Holes, Pulsars and Gamma Ray Bursts
If it finds any celestial body in a state of explosion, it will conduct high-precision pointed observation and joint multiband observation with ...
WTA Certifies Cyta as Makarios Teleport Achieves Tier 3 Certification
the Certification program has grown in popularity, with 20 teleports already certified and 12 teleports currently engaged in the quality evaluation process.
World Teleport Association's New Board of Directors Hail from Europe, the Middle East and North America
There are three new members on the WTA's Board of Directors they are ...