Current Satellite News
September 23rd, 2017
ULA's Atlas V Lit Up the Night Launching NROL-42 on a Secret Mission  
The NRO is the nation's eyes and ears in space ...
Be One Step Ahead of the Competition ... Learn About the Changes in the Industry at the Satellite Innovation Symposium 
It is known that rapidly evolving technology as well as mergers and acquisitions are changing satellite market dynamics at an accelerating pace.
Russian GLONASS-M Navigation Satellite Heads to Orbit
This is the first GLONASS launch in more than a year and this event deployed a spacecraft that will replenish the operational constellation in...
A Substitute Navigation Satellite is Now Being Worked on by ISRO
IRNSS-1I was earlier approved as a ground spare, to be sent to space in an emergency. The Indian Space Research Organisation has been training a...
Starlink Could be the Name for SpaceX's Broadband Network, According to Ars Technica
The trademark applications were surfaced by a user on Reddit and then made the rounds in news articles.
Now Open for Registration is SMI's Maritime Information Warfare Conference
2017 will look at the platforms used for acquiring data; ranging from open source intelligence to more traditional ISR systems, the ways in which...
Contract Awarded to Landsat 8/9 Team Member, a.i. solutions
Under the requirements of the contract, a.i. solutions will provide key flight dynamics and mission planning for the ongoing Landsat 8 mission, develop...