Current Satellite News
July 24th, 2017
Planet - A Second NGA Win for Satellite Imagery Delivery
The one-year, $14 million contract follows a seven-month, $20 million pilot contract that started last September to assess ways...
Space Flight Laboratory's First for Norwegian Microsatellite's Deployment of Yagi Antenna for a Space VHF Data Exchange
Once deployed, the antenna is twice as long as the NORsat-2 micro satellite. “Complex, reliable deployables are rare for micro satellites.”
Golden Moment as Sinclair’s Next Generation Broadcast Platform is Short Listed for IBC 2017 Innovation Award
One of TeamCast's challenges has been to implement the centralized network architecture concept required for this project onto a turned-key and ...
Radiation Hardened Electronics Demand Continues Growth in Smallsat Market — Military & Aerospace Electronics
John writes that demand for radiation-hardened electronics for space applications continues to grow, with opportunities in traditional rad-hard spacecraft, as well as for radiation-tolerant smallsats...
NSSLGlobal - Co-Funds Maritime Cyber Security Film
Designed for seafarers as well as the maritime industry, the freely-available film uses real-life case studies to highlight how easy it is for cyber-criminals...
Thaicom - Delivering Pay-TV into Laos Via THAICOM-8 Satellite
Under the multi-year agreement, MVI has signed a contract for Ku-band capacity on the THAICOM 8 satellite, which represents a total solution for...
UrtheCast, Deimos Imaging + Esri - New Imagery Service Partnership
The service will enable all Esri users to access timely, reliable and quality assured imagery, directly into their apps and desktops. The on-the-fly...
NASA's TDRS-M Satellite Saga with Damaged Antenna ... Launch Remains In Flux — Maybe August 
The initial launch date had to be scrubbed due to some problems that were encountered with the Omni S-band antenna on the spacecraft
SpeedCast Acquires UltiSat — Now They'll Set Up Government Division
The acquisition strengthens Speedcast's position in the Government and NGO sectors, complementing ...
ISRO's Chairman Shares His Opinions and the Need to Continue Receiving Help from NASA
What about India's space collaboration with the U.S. and Israel? 
Singapore Sinks $8.4M in Search and Rescue Satellite Technologies
the new system has a greater position accuracy for faster detection and location of vessels or people in distress.
Moon Express + ILOA - Collaboration Underway for Moon-Based Observatory
The ILO-1 will be landed on a ‘peak of eternal light’ at the lunar South Pole by a Moon Express robotic explorer system.
NanoAvionics - Smallsat Chemical Propulsion System Success
To test the EPSS, NanoAvionics ran a cold-start program, which is the most complicated in terms of the complexity of the satellite systems involved....
NSR - Big Data Via Satellite Turned Into Big Dollars Webinar To Be Presented Tomorrow
NSR’s Big Data via Satellite report provides a complete state-of-the-market analysis and revenue forecasts of Big Data from satellite services.
Did You Hear the One About a Small Nova Scotia Town Becoming a Commercial Spaceport? Mixed Reviews
But he said birds flying in from Newfoundland to Glasgow Head on the tip of the Canso peninsula are tired and disoriented when they arrive and ...
Win-Win With Strategic Aerospace Hubs as Thales Alenia Space and University of Turin Sign Agreement
... drive innovation, working with other businesses and the academic community to encourage employment growth and train young people ...
From Down Under to Up Into Space as Australian Company Possible Space Industry Backer 
the investment fund whose manager, Infrastructure Capital Group, has recommended to the NTIDF not to invest “at this stage” but to ...