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NASA's Parker Solar Probe's Successful Milestones Have Begun With a Boom 
As of 12:00 p.m. EDT on August 16, Parker Solar Probe was 2.9 million miles from Earth, traveling at 39,000 miles per hour, and heading to a Venus flyby.
"HumanityConnect!" Launches by Geeks Without Frontiers
The launch of HumanityConnect! was accompanied by a call for partners during the Global Grand Challenges Summit.
Maxar’s SSL's Fifth Robotic Arm for NASA to Reach Mars in November
SSL’s long legacy as a trusted contractor to NASA provided five robotic arms for Mars landers and rovers. That’s every robotic arm on the Martian surface!
MIT and NASA's JPL Collaborate as a Tiny but Mighty ASTERIA Achieves a First for CubeSats
Measurement of an exoplanet transit demonstrates proof of concept that small spacecraft can perform high-precision photometry.
Students Preparing Their Own Satellite Telescope for Duty in Space
With telescopes, bigger is better: the larger their primary mirror, the more light they can capture and the better the images they can create. Currently...
After Years of Delay, Russia's Research Module Nauka Will Launch to ISS in 2019
The module Nauka began in 1995 and was to be used at the ISS as a stand-by substitute for Zarya. The launch was repeatedly postponed until now
ISO Has Just Published Guidelines for Small Spacecraft
Bringing together international expertise, ISO/TS 20991, Space systems — Requirements for small spacecraft — details the requirements for various...
Comtech EF Data Working with SPAWAR on TDMA ATIP Production Terminals Long-Term Support
ATIP is a Layer-2 Ethernet bridging device installed on ship, shore and submarine platforms in the Navy Multi-band Terminal (NMT). The ATIP...
Mercury Systems' $11.6 Million Order Booked for Digital Signal Processing Subsystems for UAV ISR
Mercury Systems provides secure sensor and mission processing subsystems powering a variety of critical defense and intelligence programs.
Bye Aerospace StartoAirNet Protoype Has a Successful First Flight
The Solesa and StratoAirNet family of aircraft systems are intended to provide support for long-endurance commercial and government security..
CASIS and Teledyne Brown Engineering Offer Remote Sensing Challenge Using MUSES
MUSES can simultaneously host up to four instruments and offers the ability to change, upgrade, and robotically service those instruments.
Next Phase of Development Underway by SSL for DARPA's RSGS Mission Robotic Payload
a recently completed preliminary design review showed that the robotic payload design coupled with a Space Systems Loral spacecraft bus
RigNet's Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Begins Immediately
As CFO, Ahlstrom will report directly to President and Chief Executive Officer, Steven Pickett.  He will be responsible for overseeing all financial...
Cruising for Higher Throughputs — NSR Releases New Maritime SATCOM Report
According to NSR’s Maritime SATCOM Market’s 6th Edition, commercial passenger markets will post double-digit revenue growth over the next ten...
DoD Inspector General Has "Concerns" for Air Force Space Command's Supply Chain
The supply chain is the sequence of activities necessary to provide an end user with a finished product or system (from raw material to finished...
Inmarsat Mines a Partnership with Auxilium for IIoT and Comms
The partnership will see Auxilium deploying satellite connectivity from Inmarsat in its IIoT solutions. This will ensure that mining companies can...
Comtech EF Data to Supply MNO in China with Replacement Modems
This latest order for $1.9 million, specified Comtech EF Data’s CDM-625A Advanced Satellite Modems, Up & Down Frequency Converters and the...
UPLINK: Innovation from Glowlink
Even with planning perfect to the 99 percent ...we’ve learned that 1 percent is the difference between mission success and mission failure.
Boeing Lands Millennium Space Systems and Expands Their Satellite and Space Portfolio
The acquisition, which is subject to customary conditions, is expected to close by the end of third quarter 2018, when Millennium Space Systems becomes...
U.S. State Department Expresses Concern Over Inconsistent Behavior of Russian Satellite
there is no way to verify it. But Russian intentions with respect to this satellite are unclear and are obviously a very troubling development.