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Harris and L3 Technologies to Form Largest Merger in Defense History to Combine in 'Merger of Equals'
"we are confident in our ability to realize $500 million of annual gross cost synergies and $3 billion of free cash flow by year three.”
DigitalGlobe's WorldView-1 Satellite Captures the Impact of Hurricane Michael at Tyndall AFB
Some of the imagery of Tyndall AFB clearly shows the power of the hurricane — stripping off roofs, tossing planes around and destroying...
Day L3 as ULA Readies for Fourth and Final AEHF-4 Mission for U.S.A.F.'s Communications Satellite
EHF satellites provide highly-secure, jam-proof connectivity between U.S. national leadership and deployed military forces.
Maxar Plans to Go Domestic ... for U.S. Domestication
Maxar will continue to list its shares on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Maxar does not anticipate any...
RUAG Space Does Double Duty ... Steers BepiColombo to Mercury and is the 'Brain' of the Ariane Rocket
Also, the “brain” or on-board computers of the Ariane rocket, was produced by RUAG Space.
Emergency! Expedition 57's Astronauts' Harrowing, Life-Threatening Return Trip to Baikonur
"The boys have landed," Mission Control assured the space station crew.
Advanced Spacecraft Navigation Techniques to be Studied by Astrobotic for NASA JPL
Though the software will be designed to be applicable to a range of missions, spacecraft, and sensors, the team is working toward a landed...
U.S.A.F.'s Three EELV Launch Service Agreements Go to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and ULA
The Launch Service Agreements will facilitate the development of three domestic launch system prototypes and enable the future competitive...
York and Firefly's MOU 'All-in-One' Launch Service will Provide Rapid Access to Space 
an integrated market offering for spacecraft, launch, and downlink provider, that provides customers with a single point of entry to build space-based businesses
XTAR Provides High Data Rates for a SATCOM on the Move Even When the Going Gets Wet
demonstration was 38.2 MHz with bandwidth efficiency of 0.73 bits/Hz, as heavy rain began to fall, the satellite link held strong.
DigitalGlobe, in Partnership with Ecopia, Debuts the First Precision, GIS-Ready Building Footprints of Entire U.S.
The detailed dataset helps customers save time and money by knowing exactly what the built environment looks like in their area of interest...
Air Force Space Command's 12th Schriever Wargame Underway
The Schriever Wargame scenario, set in the year 2028, will explore critical space issues and investigate the integration activities of multiple agencies...
Boeing HorizonX Ventures Invests in Accion Systems to Propel Satellite Capabilities
Accion's new Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) in-space propulsion system aims to increase the lifespan and maneuverability of satellites and...
ÅAC Clyde Delivers Kepler’s Second Satellite CASE in Record Time
This satellite was delivered in under three months, all of which is part of a pilot program.
Astra Space Setting Up a Small Launch Vehicle Event
Notices from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Alaska Aerospace Corporation indicate the launch is planned for Friday with...
In Support of Deep Space and Lunar Missions, SAS Expands Their Human Spaceflight Safety™ Services
Over the last 12 years, SAS has been amassing a database of system safety analysis and lessons learned from historical NASA human-certified...
Globecomm's Peter Schimitsch Named by SSPI as a Future Leader at Satellite Innovation 2018
SSPI’s annual list of “20 Under 35” features 20 employees and entrepreneurs to keep your eye on in coming years. They were selected...
Viasat's Successful Connectivity Demo at the AUSA Conference
By offering a secure, integrated network of cloud-enabled solutions, Viasat can reduce warfighters' cognitive loads in order to make more accurate...
SSPI Announces the Inaugural “20 Under 35” List of Future Leaders to Watch During the Satellite innovation 2018 Event
SSPI’s annual list of "20 Under 35" features 20 employees and entrepreneurs to keep your eye on in coming years. They were selected...
EnerSys®'s ABSL™ Lithium-ion Battery on Track to Track Measurements on NASA's Parker Solar Probe 
Parker Solar Probe zips past the sun at 125 miles per second with a carbon-composite heat shield that withstands up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit