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Recent Satellite Operator News
Orbital ATK Announces Launch Date for Planet's SkySat and Dove Spacecraft
A record-breaking 271 Dove satellites have been successfully deployed and operated in space and today collect
U.S. Department of Navy 'Re-Ups' with Harris' Radios for Five Year $765 Million 
This new five-year, $765 million ceiling, single-award IDIQ contract replaces a $300 million IDIQ contract that expired in August ...
U.S. Air Force Space Command Wargames Conclude at Schriever AFB in Colorado
he SW17 scenario depicted a notional peer space and cyberspace competitor seeking to achieve strategic goals by exploiting those domains...
Fourth Iridium NEXT Launch Scheduled
This launch signifies the mid-way point of the Iridium NEXT launch program and will deliver another 10 satellites to orbit, bringing the total number...
Fastest Electric Satellite Orbit Raising Ever Accomplished by the Airbus-Built  EUTELSAT-172B
EUTELSAT 172B was launched by Ariane 5 from Kourou, in French Guiana, on June 1. The Airbus spacecraft control center in Toulouse took...
United Launch Alliance Selected by NASA to Push Landsat 9 to Orbit
The Landsat 9 mission is scheduled with a contract launch date of June 2021 while protecting for the ability to launch as early as December 2020...
Spacecom Re-Signs with SpaceX for Launch Services
Spacecom has told the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange the company expects to use SpaceX for a launch in 2019 and, possibly, a further launch in 2020...
Global MilSatCom Hosts HPA as They Collaborate on Hosted Payload Workshop
a broad range of officials continue to see the urgency in addressing the many evolving issues regarding hosted payloads.
Airbus Foundation's Collaboration ... From Satellite to Supplies Supporting Mexico's Earthquake Victims 
Airbus Foundation continues support for earthquake victims in Mexico using broad range of partners, technologies
Orbit Logic is Scheduled to Provide Scheduling Software for NASA Wallops Ground Station
Orbit Logic’s delivered software will include STK Scheduler for contact deconfliction and schedule optimization, STK Pro for ...
A New Study by OBH SE's LuxSpace will Tackle ESA ADS-B Approaches
Known as “AirTracks,” the nine-month study will be developing new services for monitoring manned and unmanned aircraft. They will be used...
Iran's Satellite Project to Monitor Agriculture with U.S. Financial Assistance
The project, with the allocation of 489,000 U.S. dollars, is aimed at assisting the country in the monitoring and analysis of agricultural production ...
CompuDyne Shifts Bands Partnering with SES for Better Broadband to East and West Malaysia
Making a shift from a C-band to Ku-band system, CompuDyne can now deliver more cost-effective and reliable satellite connectivity,
NOAA and NSPO Decide to Cancel COSMIC-2 Satellites
The satellites measure signals from GPS and other navigation satellites as they travel through the atmosphere, probing temperature and humidity...
Moon Cave Located by Japan's Lunar Orbiter — Possibly Suitable for Human Shelter Use
The cave could protect astronauts from radiation from the sun and cosmic rays when they build a base for exploration, the agency said. The cave...
Can Tiny Satellites Help the Coast Guard with Big Jobs?
two cube satellites will be launched into low Earth orbit from a SpaceX rocket to test if the satellites can detect emergency distress beacons in the Arctic.
RSCC Makes Top 10 of Russia's Telecommunications Companies
RSCC operates in all geographically accessible markets, with international contracts from customers in over 50 countries of the world.
ESA's Sentinel-5P joins Copernicus Satellite Family — Pollution Prosecutor Successfully Launched
Sentinel-5 Precursor will provide essential atmospheric chemistry data to the Copernicus program before the Sentinel-5 instrument becomes...
Thales Alenia Space Measures Up to Win Contract for ESA Measuring Biomass
This latest contract reflects the “new space” strategy being applied by Thales Alenia Space.
Marlink's Quality of Service to Posh Ponant Luxury Vessels Ensures Continual Communication Connections
at remote destinations, and their frequency agnostic, multi-band approach their satellite network's services cover all maritime satellite frequency bands.