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Recent Regulatory/Government News
NASA's UPDATE: Successful Orbital ATK Cygnus™ Launch to ISS Includes Lab that Creates Temperature 10 Billion Times Colder than Space
new Cold Atom Lab (CAL) on Cygnus could help answer some big questions. CAL creates a temperature 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of space,
University of Nairobi Encourages Others to Participate in Space Technology After Successful Satellite Launch
It is the first outer space object registered by Kenya and the first Kenyan Satellite that has gone into space orbit.
iDirect Government and Team Members Roll Out Their TRASC Airborne SATCOM Offering @ SOFIC
Designed for C-130 military transport aircraft, TRASC is a turnkey solution that brings together best-in-class, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)...
SatADSL's Partner Camtel Connect Cameroon's Communities ... Both Public and Private Enterprises
agreement follows a pilot launch of SatADSL’s solutions in Cameroon, including schools, post offices, hospitals and banks. 
AQYR is 'At Attention' to the Needs of the Military and Government Represented at SOFIC Show
It brings command center information to the operational combat teams or to the individual warfighter, in austere locations where they need it most.
Inmarsat Reaffirms Humanitarian Response to UN Crisis Connectivity Charter 
improving their access to vital satellite-based communications when local networks are affected, destroyed or overloaded after a disaster. 
Back to Work They Go as United Launch Alliance's IAM Employees Approve New Contract
The new contract covers 600 bargaining unit employees from District Lodges #75, #166, including Locals #44, #610 and #2786 performing work on the ... 
UAE Space Agency and Universities Organize the Preliminary Design of MeznSat
will provide insight into the concentration of nutrients in the coastal waters of the Arabian Gulf, enabling more accurate predictions of algal blooms ...
Avanti Communications Wins "Changing Lives"... and Does for 18,000 Tanzanian Teachers and 216,000 Students 
the actual changed lives has been recorded and totals 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students, over 310 primary and secondary schools across 25 regions 
NASA Satellites Amazing GRACE Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater
finds that Earth’s wet land areas are getting wetter and dry areas are getting drier due to a variety of factors, including human water management, climate change and natural cycles.
China's Good News for Private Companies, OneSpace Test Launch of OS-X Solid Rocket Travels Faster and Farther
has drawn comparisons in both Chinese and Western media between OneSpace and the early days of SpaceX, a U.S. startup founded in 2002 ... 
Deimos Imaging Wins $2.6 million U.S. Contract and Salutes the Brazilian Ministry of Defence
The data will feed the geo-information needs of the Brazilian Government and Institutions, accelerating and improving actionable decision making in ...
Thales Alenia Space Launches the Spacebus Neo Product Line and Four Have Already Been Ordered
Already four flight models have been ordered by commercial and institutional Customers, with a first launch scheduled in 2019.
Analytical Space and NanoRacks Prepare for CubeSat to Downlink Data Using Laser Communication
will be sending up a CubeSat with the purpose of receiving transmission from the ground and/or from beta-test customer spacecraft already on orbit and ... 
Boeing's Mission ... $1Million Contribution to Nonprofits Help Veterans' Mental Health and Community Programs
Their employees are actively engaged in improving their health and well-being all while living the Boeing mission to help others and inspire the world.
ESA's Philosophy of PLATO, a New Program, Includes Thales Alenia Space's Expertise
ability to carry out stable, wide-field observations of bright stars over a two to three year period, enables scientists to detect and characterize planets ... 
Goonhilly Earth Station Receives £24m for Global Expansion from a Private UK Businessman
Hargreaves' talents include spotting high growth investment opportunities, and this is an ideal addition to his investment portfolio.
China to Launch the Queqiao Comms Relay Satellite for the Chang'e-4 Moon Mission on May 21
The Queqiao communications relay satellite is scheduled to launch from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre on May 21, or later, via a Long...
SatADSL, Global Telesat and RascomStar's Partnership Provides Affordable African Satellite Broadband Connectivity
"...they are committed to providing reliable connectivity anywhere at any time, even in the most challenging locations."
KSF Space's Second Annual MNSAT2018 Conference ... Big News on SmallSats
Last year's premier international conference on micro and nano satellites proved to be so successful that an encore conference will be taking place.