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UPDATE: Iran's Controversial Attempt to Launch a Satellite Ends Up a Moot Point as Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit
The U.S. and its allies allege the same satellite-launching technology could be used to develop long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. 
Konnect Africa to Bridge the Ivorian Territory with High-Speed Satellite Internet Access
to bridge the digital divide in Côte d'Ivoire with its broadband Internet particularly outside major cities, where no reliable broadband solution is available.
Satellogic with China Will Launch 90 Earth-Observation Satellites ... Remap Earth at 1-Meter Pixel Each Week
The company will remap Earth at 1-meter pixel resolution every week and dramatically reduce the cost of high-frequency geospatial analytics.
Swedish National Defense Agency Issues a Warning Regarding a Chinese Ground Station
The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), under the Swedish Ministry of Defence, on Sunday told broadcaster SVT that the nominally civilian...
Tokyo Tech's Deep Learning Attitude Sensor Delivers Real-Time Image Recognition from Satellites' Orbit
Today, more than 200 are launched annually, establishing a new global 1-billion-USD space industry.
Horizon Technologies' £500,000 Grant from Innovate UK for Space-Based RF Monitoring
RF signal collection from space is a component in detecting so-called “dark targets” at sea who turn off AIS transponders to engage in illicit behavior.
Australia Hosts 'Space City' and Welcomes Talent from Around the World 
“grow the Australian space industry,” including $26 million to help launch the agency which will “coordinate domestic space activities for Australia”.
Airbus Has the Winning Hand for Blackjack Program ... DARPA's Selection to Develop Small Constellation Satellite Bus 
Constellations of inexpensive satellites permit wide scale disaggregated architectures enhancing survivability across many different mission areas.
A Key Role to be Played by GMV in the ESA and NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission
Running from 2020 to 2030, the international mission will comprise at least three launches from Earth and one more rocket liftoff from Mars, with the...
No More What’s NEXT After Successful Launch of Iridium®'s NEXT Satellites by SpaceX's Falcon 9
Iridium is the only satellite communications network that spans the entire globe, and Iridium NEXT is one of the largest "tech upgrades" in space history.
Thales Alenia Space Sees Green ... Selected for ESA's 150 Million Euros FLEX Mission to Map Earth's Vegetation
The sensor identifies the faint reddish glow emitted during photosynthesis, invisible to the naked eye, and identifies the fluorescence of vegetation ...
China's Long March 3B Rocket Thrusts the Zhongxing-2D Satellite to Orbit
Liftoff of the enhanced Long March 3B launch vehicle occurred at 17:11 UTC January 10 (01:11 Beijing time, January 11) at the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre...
China's Soft Landing on the Far Side of the Moon Called a Complete Success
With the assistance of the relay satellite Queqiao (Magpie Bridge), the rover Yutu-2 (Jade Rabbit-2) and the lander of the Chang'e-4 probe took photos ...
Fait Accompli and Adieu! As the Last Batch of Iridium® NEXT Satellites are Launched 
the first time an operator and a manufacturer have worked together replacing a constellation of 66 satellites, one-by-one, with no user service interruption 
Maxar’s SSL Selected to Define Small Satellite Requirements to Detect Methane Emissions for Environmental Defense Fund
named MethaneSAT, will enable Environmental Defense Fund to change the way detection and analyzation is established of methane emissions ...
Iran Says Its Rockets will Send Two Satellites into Orbit, Despite U.S. Concerns
Iran’s plans for sending satellites into orbit defies a resolution that Iran takes no action related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
NASA Reports a Wide Field Camera 3 Anomaly on Hubble Space Telescope
The super star is ten times more massive than the Sun and 200 times larger.
Leadership Changes at Roccor and Solid Power ...Two Startups Have Taken Off and are Thriving
“Both companies have been wildly successful, experiencing considerable growth within their markets over the past one to two years.”
Special Aerospace Services to Host Fouth Biennial Human Spaceflight Exploration Forum
At the event itself, there will be no press, no social media, and no post meeting attribution. Attendees will have the liberty to discuss the pressing ...
India Delays GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation System to June 2020
GAGAN is a satellite based augmentation system that allows aircraft to fly non-precision approaches without vertical guidance within Indian airspace.