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Thales Alenia Space Ships First Instrument for EarthCARE Project  
ten years of collaborative and constructive work between teams from industry and academia, who have had to overcome tremendous technical challenges.
NRL Celebrates 60 Years of Vanguard I Satellite, Many 'Firsts' were Accomplished in 1958 
Despite this unfortunate setback, the Vanguard Project had still come a long way toward solving the problems of putting a satellite into orbit.
Airbus' OPTIMA Photonics Payload Technology Project is Launched 
Photonic payloads have the potential to revolutionize the design, capacity and capability of future generations of telecommunications satellites.
Indra Wins the Thales Contract Again to Prepare for Galileo with Four New Uplink Stations
A deviation in the data sent by merely one billionth of a second would amount to a positioning error of 30 cm on Earth.
C-COM's Ka-Band Antennas Pass ... Run Rings Around JUPITER™ System that Powers HughesNet™ Gen5 Platform
Operating over the Gen5 service significantly expands C-COM’s addressable market for transportable antenna systems, and will bring very high data ...
International Launch Services Signs Additional Orders to Push the Proton Medium Vehicle
launch assignments for Proton Medium launches that will include the use of both the 4.35 meter and the new 5.2 meter payload fairing.
NOAA's GOES-17 Changes Its Name as It Goes Into Geostationary Orbit
will provide faster, more accurate, and more detailed data in near real-time to track storm systems, lightning, wildfires, coastal fog, and other hazards ...
Ukrainian Government's Intense Effort to Build Spaceport in Western Australia ... Would Launch Tomorrow If They Could
...has struggled to gain traction within a sector that has...lacked a champion in an Australian space agency and is jaded by pie-in-the-sky proposals that ... 
Inmarsat Discovers IoT is Major Positive Force in Reducing the Transportation's Carbon Footprint
estimates that heightening travel demands could see global CO2 emissions from transport increase by 60 per cent by 2050, a figure that is based on ...
LeoSat and Phasor's Milestone Agreement Will Bring Game-Changing Connectivity to Mission Critical Enterprise Networks
an important step in the delivery of LeoSat’s unique business backbone in space, which gives their customers access to a resilient and future-proof ...
Advantech Wireless' Transcend™ 800 Product Family Receives Brazil Anatel Certification
These advanced Microwave Radios have built-in ASI video interfaces, as well as IP Routers. They are addressing the need to connect the Studio...
Ball Aerospace's Many Accomplishments at Satellite 2018 ... Phased Array Antennas, Optical Communications and Remote Sensing and More
Ball's new 5G Rapid Prototype Phased Array with Anokiwave, Inc. will help enable the future of 5G connectivity.
Startup Allegedly Launches Rogue Satellites Without FCC Permission
It's a tale as old as time: a Silicon Valley startup is denied permission by the government to launch satellites, so the startup redesigns the satellites, and 
NASA is Cool with the CubeCats and Will Launch the U of Cincinnati's Students' LEOPARDSat-1
We were the ones who decided to do this mission and apply for a launch. It was not a faculty member who did this for their research. We have the ... 
ViaSat-2 Satellite Comms Now Available for Government, Defense and Military Ops
In early March 2018, Viasat conducted a ViaSat-2 SATCOM system demonstration — attended by representatives from the U.S. armed forces....
mu Space, SES Networks and Hughes Will 'Build a Bridge' by Providing Broadband Access to Rural Thailand
Thailand’s telecom industry database, only 12 percent or about 8.3 million of the country’s 69 million population currently has access to broadband.
mu Space Seals the Deal with Blue Origin to Fly Aboard the New Glenn
New Glenn, its orbital launch vehicle that will carry people and payloads to low-Earth orbit destinations and beyond.
DataMiner Makes the Finals ... Named WTA Teleport Technology of the Year Finalist
relay services between different transmission technologies, acting as a gateway between satellite and fiber in most cases, but they also deal with ... 
GetSat Receives Multi-Million Dollar Bounty from U.S. Government for SATCOM Terminals
GetSat's micronized communications terminals are based on the company's patented fully-interlaced InterFLAT panel technology for transmitting and...
Orbital ATK's Multiple Presentations Include the New Robotic Satellite Servicing Vehicle at Satellite 2018
The company will also feature small national security satellite systems such as ESPAStar™ and ESPASat™.