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Recent Regulatory/Government News
Scotland and Colorado Collaborate ... Orbital Micro Systems Opens International Center for Earth Data in Edinburgh
world’s first market-sustainable platform for the integration and dissemination of EO data will improve weather-related information
Advanced Space's $13.7 Million Contract ... NASA Funds CubeSat Mission to Rotate with Moon
the CubeSat will rotate together with the Moon as it orbits Earth and will pass as close as 1,000 miles and as far as 43,500 miles from the lunar surface.
Intelsat's Webcast ... Keeping Ground Forces Connected with Reliable High-Speed Broadband Communications
It’s crucial for today’s defense and humanitarian agencies to be able to deploy ground forces quickly and stay connected to them wherever they are.
A Conversation With ... Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies
instead of thinking of a focus in terms of the small satellites themselves, they think about the industry's needs in terms of orbits. 
GSA, EIB and EGNSS Sign European Investment Agreement for Space-Based Economy
To explore new investment support for the European space-based economy, the EIB and GSA are bringing together their expertise and...
UPDATE: Forrester Reports: C-Band Alliance Proposals Decision Day — Intelsat Discusses Loss of IS-29e — Intelsat Sues OneWeb
The bank says it remains confident that satellite operators will soon be able to monetize their C-band spectrum usage rights. “Our review of the FCC...
Thaicom and Russian Satellite Communications Company Sign Maritime Broadband Connectivity Development Agreement
According to the framework of the agreement, Thaicom and RSCC will initially study roaming options on their proprietary maritime VSAT networks...
Eleven Additional Proton-M Launch Vehicles to be Built by Russia Before Their Phase Out
Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said that the manufacturing of Proton-M rockets will cease during the 2020 to 2021 timeframe...
Australian Government Grants Major Project Status to Southern Launch
Southern Launch is aiming for its Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex “to get off the ground in 2020.”
Four Hyperspectral Satellites Launched by China
The hyperspectral satellites OHS-01, 02, 03, and 04 will be able to complete a full scan of the planet's land surface every five days, while...
There's a New Space Safety Coalition that's Got Major Organizations Signing Up
The SSC will evolve and maintain these best practices, generally applicable to all spacecraft regardless of physical size, orbital regime and constellation size.
Open Cosmos and Consortium Develop ‘MANTIS’ Earth Observation Satellite
two thirds of major projects fail due to unforeseen risks and hazards as a result of inadequate upfront due diligence, planning and prior knowledge of ...
Iridium and OneWeb to Collaborate to Deliver Services in L-Band and Ku-Band
This is the first time that LEO operators have collaborated to deliver services in L-band and Ku-band.
Kleos Space's Contract from U.S.A.F.... Will Participate in Vehicle Directorates Catalyst Space Accelerator Program
The program is unique in connecting participants with customers and providing ‘sherpas’ to steermilitary and commercial engagement.
Santander Teleport to Provide Comms Services to Spanish Armed Forces
A completely new network is being deployed to provide secured broadband internet access, telephone calls, e-learning, live TV as well as on demand...
iDirect Government Acquires Glowlink and Gains Satellite Interference and SATCOM Expertise and Technologies
The company will add intellectual property, engineering personnel and proprietary technologies to iDirect Government’s family and product...
New Partners... Geoforce and Miranda Solutions Group Bring Tracking Tech to Government Clients
Geoforce is investing in a focus on government and military opportunities. It has engaged Miranda to lead its strategic efforts towards federal, state and...
Air Force Space Command Wargames Reach Successful Conclusion
The SW 19 scenario depicts a notional peer competitor seeking to achieve strategic goals by exploiting multi-domain operations. It included a global...
Five Eyes Coalition Forces See ... and Select Viasat's Suite of Network Encryption Products
Viasat is also currently the only U.S. company to support Type 1 encryption for both Layer 2 EDE[1] and Layer 3 HAIPE® network protocols.
Over One Billion Served ... GSA's Milestone Celebrates 1Billion Galileo Smartphone Users
Over one billion served is a remarkable number, depending of course what the item is that has been sold, whether, for example, hamburgers or cars.