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Recent Launch News
Stratolaunch Indicates First Launch to Occur Soon During Reveal at the 34th Space Symposium
This is an amazing plane to view, using 28 wheels for movement and a wingspan that is larger than a U.S. football field at 385 feet (117 meters)...
An ILS Proton-M Rocket Launches a Russian Blagovest Military Satellite
The launch of the Proton-M rocket with Blagovest No. 12 aboard occurred at the Baikonur cosmodrome at 1:12 a.m. Moscow time on Thursday (2212 GMT on Wednesday)...
SpaceX's Triple Play Turns into a Home Run With Launch and Subsequent Deployment of TESS and Return of Rocket 
telescope/camera that will hunt for undiscovered worlds around nearby stars, providing targets where future studies will assess their capacity to harbor life.
Orbital ATK's TESS Exoplanet Satellite Launch Is a First on Exciting Journey for NASA Seeking New Planets;
This successful launch marks the 31st science spacecraft they have developed and built for NASA over the last 35 years.
Spaceflight SmallSats to Launch Via Arianespace Vega Rocket
Arianespace has signed a landmark agreement with Spaceflight for the launch of several small payloads. This will be the inaugural mission for...
Rocket Lab's First Fully Commercial Electron Launch Set for April 20
The 14-day ‘It’s Business Time’ launch window will open on Friday April 20, 2018 NZT. During this time a four-hour launch window will open daily from...
SpaceX Delays the Launch of NASA's Exoplanet Hunter, TESS
TESS (the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) is designed to explore planets that occupy space beyond our solar system in a hunt for...
RUAG Space Fairing Protects Two U.S.A.F. Satellites During AFSPC-11 Launch
The Atlas V-500 fairings supplied by RUAG Space are built in composite technology based on aluminum honeycomb cores with carbon fiber...
ULA Launches an EAGLE and a CBAS SATCOM as Critical Space Assets for the U.S. Air Force
AFSPC-11 is a multi-payload mission on a mission for the U.S. Air Force.
Affordable Access to Space Demo'd by Orbital ATK Via the AFSCPC-11 Mission
The AFSCPC-11 mission included a second company designed satellite, Mycroft, which is among several Department of Defense (DoD) experiments...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's Solid Rocket Boosters Launch the Most Powerful Atlas V Variant to Date
the launch will benefit from just over 1.74 million pounds of added thrust from five AJ-60A solid rocket boosters supplied by Aerojet Rocketdyne.
Thursday UPDATE: ULA Preps for U.S.A.F.'s Launch of Multi-Faceted Mission 
EAGLE uses an ESPA Adapter with deployable solar arrays, Moog propulsion module and five slots for Space Test Program-sponsored payloads that will ... 
Cape Canaveral AFS Welcomes the SES-12 for a SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch
Like SES-14 and SES-15, which serve the Americas, SES-12’s high throughput capabilities are SES’s answer to soaring connectivity demand in...
ISRO's IRNSS-1I Navigation Satellite Launches En Route to Replace Failed Atomic Clocks
This will be the ninth of the IRNSS satellite series and will be a replacement for IRNSS-1A as its rubidium atomic clocks have failed.
M7 Group Extends Transponder Agreement with SES
Under the agreement announced by SES, M7 Group will continue to use one full transponder on an ASTRA satellite to deliver their TV package to ...
What's InSight in May for Southern Californians as ULA Atlas V Launches NASA's Interplanetary Spacecraft 
On board the 189-foot-tall (57.3-meter) United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket will be NASA's InSight spacecraft, destined for the Elysium Planitia region...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's NEXT-C Ion Propulsion 'Engine that Could' Passes to Prepare for Impact of Asteroid
Electric propulsion reduces overall mission cost without sacrificing reliability or mission success.
The First New Giant Nozzle for the P120 Solid Rocket Motor on Its Way to French Guiana 
 It can also pivot, which enables the launcher to be piloted. 
What is a Lilac Doing in Space? Student Built LilacSat-1's Success with an Amateur Radio
Shortly after deployment LilacSat-1 took a picture of the solar panels on the ISS.
University of Bern Licking Their CHEOPS as the Space Telescope is Prepped for Shipment to Launch Site
CHEOPS (CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite) is to be ready to launch in early 2019 and will observe how exoplanets in other solar systems pass in...