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Recent Launch News
Smart Smallsat Pony Express 1 Developed by Lockheed Martin Now On-Orbit and Performing Well
Recently, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) launched the Pony Express 1 mission as a hosted payload on Tyvak-0129, a next-generation Tyvak 6U smallsat.
Two Satellogic Smallsats Engage in Trip to LEO Placements
This launch is but the first of many planned such events scheduled for 2020. Satellogic is excited by how the company has grown alongside the...
March Lift-Off for UAE's Falcon Eye 2 Satellite
The UAE will be launching the second version of its military satellite early March, about seven months after a European rocket lost the first one in space.
In-Space Missions Service and a 10 Million Euros ESA Program
In-Space has had commercial success with the Faraday 1st Generation (F1G) service that has attracted large space primes, start-ups and...
SpinLaunch Receives $35 Million Investment
The responsive launch system uses a large mass accelerator to provide on demand launches of smallsats in virtually any weather at an order of...
Thales Alenia Space's EUTELSAT KONNECT Satellite Launch Announcement 
In Africa, it will also be used in conjunction with public Wi-Fi terminals so that several users can share internet access, which will be marketed as coupons that can be paid using a mobile phone.
Lockheed Martin Ships JCSAT-17 to Launch Site
JCSAT-17 will provide flexible mobile communications services to users in Japan and the surrounding region. Arianespace will launch JCSAT-17 from ...
China Lofts Remote Sensing Satellite and Two Argentinian Smallsats
The satellite, belonging to the Jilin-1 satellite family (also named Red Flag-1 H9) was launched by a Long March-2D carrier rocket at 10:53 a.m., Beijing...
TriSept's Full Manifest for 2022 Aboard Orbex Prime's Reusable Small Satellite Launcher
... up to 30 percent lighter than other small launch vehicles, utilizes bio-propane, a clean-burning, renewable fuel that cuts carbon emissions by 90% compared to traditional fuels.
Arianespace Completes Payload Integration for GSAT-30 Satellite
This satellite was positioned on the assembled Ariane 5’s core cryogenic stage during activity inside the Spaceport’s launch vehicle Final Assembly...
Tyvak's 6U Smallsat Achieves Mission Success
The modular design of Tyvak's new smallsat platforms allows spacecraft to be configured and manufactured in a few months for missions from 10 to 290 kg...
New Venture in 2021 ... OneWeb and SatixFy Will Launch a Digital Technology Pathway Payload
This combination of features enables significantly higher throughput to designated areas within satellite coverage, while continuing to meet all national security concerns.
South Korea's Chollian-2B Satellite Scheduled for February Launch by Arianespace
The Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) stated that this is the first time a GEMS (Geostationary Environmental Monitoring Spectrometer) has...
Boeing and NASA are Forming an Investigation Team to Figure Out Cause of Spacecraft Mishap
But the Starliner never made it to the space station. A glitch with the capsule’s internal clock prevented the Starliner from burning its engines at the right time during flight.
China's First Launch of 2020 Lofts Mystery Payload
Chinese state media claimed the mysterious spacecraft has a communication and television broadcast mission, but analysts believe it could enter service for the Chinese military.
Satellogic Will Launch Two New Earth Observation Satellites as It Expands Operations
The company's overall goal is to provide not only Earth imaging to its customers, but also analytics and insights derived from the data gathered by its satellites.
This Satellite Will Deliver Twice the Capability of the Current Constellation
WGS-11+ enhances operational flexibility and performance to better serve the warfighter—the system will provide more coverage beams than the entire existing WGS constellation.
December Set for York Space Systems Launch of their Hydra Mission Series
The Hydra series leverages York Space Systems' fully qualified operational spacecraft design and standardized payload interfaces, as well as an...
A 40th Anniversary for Arianespace and a Successful 2019
The company recorded a solid operational and business performance in 2019 by orbiting 24 satellites with nine launches, while signing 14 launch...
2020 Shaping Up to be a Promising Year for Space Coast Rocket Launches
Predicting the number of launches for an upcoming year is tricky business. Case in point: the Space Coast in 2019 was slated to host many more liftoffs than the 16 it actually saw,