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India’s DRDO Head Suggests Test Was Not a 'One-Off' and Outlines Counterspace Capability Ambitions
Reddy’s comments suggest that its March 2019 ASAT test was not a one-off, at least under the leadership of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Now Coming to the Maritime Comms Market is NSSLGlobal's FusionIP-LITE
FusionIP-LITE is specifically engineered for the Asian seas. For a single monthly service fee, FusionIP-LITE allows users to benefit from seamless...
NanoAvionics Communicates with Satellites After Anomaly Causes Delay
The anomaly occurred after the delayed separation from the fourth stage of PSLV, causing delays in the initial commissioning of M6P and Blue Walker 1  
Virgin Orbit Selects Guam as a LauncherOne Launch Site
With the site's remote location and close proximity to the equator, Guam serves as an excellent base of operations from which the company's...
Satellite Research Center Launched to Advance the Australian Space Industry
The national SmartSat CRC will be headquartered at the University of South Australia and will bring together an A$190 million cash and in-kind...
Aussie's Defense Innovation Hub Grant to Fund Tests for Anti-Jitter Satellite Technology 
“The stabilizing technology enables very fine pointing with as little jitter as possible, focusing on stars for long periods of time.”
Statement of Strategic Intent Signed Between Boeing and the Australian Space Agency
By 2030, Australia would like to grow the space market segment from AU$3.9 billion to AU$12 billion and double space industry employment from...
Kacific Signs Agreement with Tonga Satellite Limited to Supply Broadband via Satellite
The bandwidth supplied by Kacific’s high throughput satellite, Kacific1, will be used to connect communities in 89 remote outer islands with high-quality...
A New Office and an Influx of More Investment Dollars for Astroscale Holdings
Astroscale has also secured an additional $30 million in an extension of the firm's Series D investment round. The funding extension round brings the ...
Payload Fairings Supplied by RUAG Space Contracted by MHI for the H3 Launch Vehicle
The contact includes manufacturing of payload fairings and payload supporting structures for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' (MHI) H3 launch...
APAC Network Service Offerings Expanded by Lepton Global Solutions
During the last year, the company significantly increased its Pacific network service presence, adding multiple government, military and commercial ...
Alba Orbital's Seven Affordable PocketQubes Will Rip Through the Sky on Rocket Lab’s Electron
these small but mighty payloads will get to orbit faster, experiencing a first-class ride and precise orbital insertion to maximize their potential on orbit.
Pentagon To Explore Potential of 5G — and Its Made-in-China Hazards
Last week, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford called 5G a “critical national security issue.”
Telesat's Telstar-19 VANTAGE Satellite Ku- and C-Band Capacity Acquired by iFORTE
The contracts result from iForte’s recent selection by Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to support the Ministry’s...
‘Be Prepared to Fight Wars... In Outer Space'
So will the successful test of A-Sat spell an end to criticism of DRDO’s performance and stop the organisation from being hauled over hot coals?
China Building ASAT Capabilities via Laser Tracking Technologies — Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
The laser facility is located near a lake and is about 145 miles south of the Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. The facility was discovered by retired Indian...
Blink Astro's Payload Successfully Launched
The primary objective of the mission will be to demonstrate the reliability and quality of Blink's end-to-end device connectivity solution. There will be...
India's Successful Firsts ... Launches 29 International Satellites and Includes a Three Orbit Mission
enjoys several firsts such as placing the satellites in three different orbits, and construction of a viewing stadium for people 'of every strata of society' to view
FURUNO to Launch Single-band GNSS Receivers That Achieve 4.5ns Stability
new products that provide stability better than that of an atomic clock, including a rubidium.
A Kiwi Launches DARPA's $25 Million R3D2 ... Rocket Lab Sends Small Satellite Soaring From New Zealand
DARPA’s R3D2 mission was launched just over 18 months from conception a significant reduction in traditional government launch acquisition timeframes.