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May 16th, 2016

A Game Changer In Global Intelligence Community...Fusion Of Satellite Imagery IHS Jane And Airbus Defense And Space 

A major problem in the intelligence community is managing and sharing across agencies and divisions, but now users will have access to high res satellite imagery and content info for key content such as terrorist's activity, military installations and more. 

At the GEOINT 2016 Symposium attendees got a sneak peak of the new product from IHS Jane’s (NYSE: IHS) and Airbus Defence and Space.

Conflict Atlas combines Airbus Defence and Space’s satellite imagery with IHS Jane’s data into a new tool for the global intelligence community. For the first time, users will be able to navigate to a region of conflict or instability and view high resolution satellite imagery with key content such as military installations, terrorist activity, country profiles and the latest security insight mapped across each area.

“One of the biggest problems the intelligence community faces is how to manage big data across agencies and divisions while delivering clear actionable results,” said Blake Bartlett, Senior Vice President of IHS Jane’s. “Conflict Atlas is a unique, powerful tool that will help the intelligence community share and verify intelligence, manage big data and quickly identify critical focus areas.”


Key features of Conflict Atlas are:

  • Whole country and regional coverage at 1.5 meter resolution and military site of interest at 0,5 meter resolution, to support the high currency and coverage rate requirements of the GEOINT community.
  • Access to industry leading data and insight from IHS Jane’s including: military bases, surface-to-air missile sites, terrorism and counter terrorism events, security news and insights and equipment profiles specifications.


Airbus Defence and Space has created blanket ortho-rectified color imagery mosaics over areas of interest, locally enriched with high resolution images over the densest, most critical areas including city centers, airports and military installations.

“Conflict Atlas is a new commercial GEOINT capability whereby all intelligence sources can be fused and combined,” said Bernhard Brenner, Head of Intelligence Business Cluster at Airbus Defence and Space. “Thanks to our multi-resolution satellite constellation, we guarantee seamless user access to a mix of fresh satellite imagery, open sources data and analytic products.”

IHS Jane’s has been using imagery from Airbus Defence and Space for over two years, breaking significant news stories on a second Russian base in Syria, new developments in North Korea’s nuclear program as well as island building in the South China Sea. This new product furthers the IHS and Airbus Defence and Space partnership and gives users access to the industry’s leading tools.