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Recent Regulatory/Government News
Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Center Sees Blue as Proteus FZC Provides Marine Modeling
because there are no other commercially available products with this level of bathymetric accuracy and richness of seafloor information
NSR’s Maritime SATCOM and Trends That Form a Perfect Storm for End-Users
Combined, these trends form a perfect-storm for end-users to maximize the return on their communications budgets – but ...
Rock Seven Comes Down to Earth with New Tracking and IoT System
... is just as effective for improving safety and logistics on the dashboard of an SUV or troop carrier as it is in the cockpit of a helicopter or light aircraft.
ST Engineering's Electronics Arm Muscles Contracts Worth Approximately S$490m in 2Q2017
This company's electronics arm did well in the second quarter of 2017 with contracts secured that total approximately S$490m ($358M US) for ...
A Paragon of Thermal Control Radiators Selected by Sierra Nevada Corporation 
Everything must be a paragon, a model of excellence, and so...
International Institute of Space Commerce's New Executive Director a Veteran of Human Space Flight
“My dream is to help as many people achieve space flight as possible, and to have a good portion of them make money doing so.”
NASA’s Sleepy HERA XIII Crew Comes Home After Deprivation Experiment ... Only They Never Left Earth 
It's bad enough if you can't sleep for a day or two, or have a baby that gets you up every two hours, but NASA purposely conducted an experiment ...
Arianespace's Vega Will Deliver Twins ... Set For August 1, Earth Observation Payloads
Vega is prepared for the twin Earth observation payloads to be orbited on Arianespace’s August 1 mission
NASA and Boeing Feel the Pain ... Admit Damaged Antenna on the TDRS-M Satellite
... officials aren't committing one way of the other as to whether the damaged antenna will delay the launch.
National Space Society Congratulates National Space Council's New Executive Secretary ... He Keeps Up the Pace
will be advocating for low-cost access to space, a robust cis-lunar economy, and funding for a space-based near-Earth asteroid detection telescope.
Taiwan - FORMOSAT-5 Ships to Vandenberg AFB for SpaceX Launch
This is the first remote sensing satellite designed, manufactured, and controlled by the NSPO and domestic teams and the satellite succeeds...
ASTROSCALE's Satellite is a Kind of Magnetic Garbage Can
"Space is filled with trash, and if things continue as they have, space exploration will no longer be sustainable."
Norway's Microsatellites Report Back as Healthy ... Built by Space Flight Laboratory
NORsat-2 will be the first satellite to provide VDE services to Norway.
Russia's Record ... Launches 72 Small Satellites
Russia has never launched such a large number of satellites simultaneously. 
JAXA Plays Ball on the ISS With Int-Ball Drone Camera 
its first camera drone that can record video while moving in space under remote control from the ground. 
ESA's Sentinel-2B Reveals Mount Vesuvius Erupting With Wildfires
This huge plume of smoke led some to believe that Vesuvius was erupting again.
Scrap Dealer's Discovery in Dead Engineer's Basement ... NASA's Apollo-Era Computers, Pioneer Tapes and More
Most of the tapes are unmarked, but the majority of the rest appear to be instrumentation reels for Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, NASA’s fly-by
Quantum Satellite Able to do What All Never Thought Possible — Teleportation
In both cases, this was the first time these functions were performed in space and, therefore, represent a step toward quantum communications...
New Horizons Amazes With Flyover Video of Pluto
In recognition of the two-year anniversary of New Horizons' Pluto flyby, NASA also revealed a stunning ...
Hola! Hurricane Fernanda as NASA’s Terra Satellite Takes a Close Up
additional strengthening is anticipated during the next 48 hours, and Fernanda is likely to become a major hurricane later today.