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Recent Regulatory/Government News
Rohde & Schwarz's Software Defined Airborne Radio is Exclusively Certified for Civil and Military Use
More than 7000 R&S M3AR radios from the independent European vendor are in use worldwide on over 70 different airborne platforms
Arabsat Sponsors 19th Arab Radio and Television Festival Furthering Arab States Broadcasting Union Relationship 
"We have an excellent working relationship with the Arab States Broadcasting Union and we have many common successful projects such as ...
U.S. General Services Administration Awards EO to UrtheCast and a First to European Company Deimos Imaging 
This is the first time that a European company in Earth Observation (EO) services has been awarded such a contract in the U.S., making Deimos ...
Thales Alenia Space's Win-Win ... FabLab Fosters Fabulous Innovation and Creativity for Employees
is a digital incubator, for all employees, with free access to boost creativity and innovation through simulation and prototyping while complementing ...
Engineering Students Get a Ride From NASA on a Sail ... Funding for CubeSail
“CubeSail is a technology demonstration; it’s basically to show you can have viable propulsion that is cheap and small in deep space.”
How New Mexico Tech Students Sent Up a Mustang that Broke the Sound Barrier and 'No Animals Were Harmed'
After reaching its apogee of 24,127 ft mean sea level the rocket deployed its recovery system, and landed very close to the predicted impact point.
iDirect Government Releases their Most Powerful Evolution 4.2
Evolution 4.2 unleashes the full capabilities of the 9-Series satellite routers, defense line cards and tactical hub. Evolution 4.2 also continues to support...
Latitude SkyNode SATCOM Models Receive EASA Certification
The STC also supports the installation of the IONode Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) system, which is capable of providing fully automated data ...
Enlighten IT Consulting Introduces RADMF for Cyber Security Missions
The new release now incorporates operator feedback received over several years from multiple Department of Defense (DoD) customers, with more...
Swedish National Space Agency's New Director General ... She Comes with Impressive Experience from SSC 
knowledge and experience from space technology, business, space science and national and international space projects from the early pioneering up ... 
Aerospace Announces Two Critical Policy Papers Offering New Advantages and Solutions for Space Traffic Management 
the DOD is examining this issue for several years, time is running out. The neighborhood is changing in space, planners need to act soon to manage ... 
An ILS Proton-M Rocket Launches a Russian Blagovest Military Satellite
The launch of the Proton-M rocket with Blagovest No. 12 aboard occurred at the Baikonur cosmodrome at 1:12 a.m. Moscow time on Thursday (2212 GMT on Wednesday)...
Sentinenel-3B's Upcoming Launch Will Complete Copernicus Constellation
Carrying a suite of cutting-edge instruments, Sentinel-3 is arguably the most complex of all the Sentinel missions – offering a bigger picture for Copernicus.
Bridenstine Confirmed by U.S. Senate to Lead NASA
Representative Bridenstine brings to his new job political and aerospace experience. A three term member of Congress, Bridenstine served as a...
Russia Should Not Compete with SpaceX, Says That Nation's Deputy Prime Minister
Rogozin estimates the real market of space services at approximately $350 billion, with the creation of payloads, and not the launch o...
South Africa Shipping the AZCube-2 Satellite to India for July Launch
The 4 kg. satellite, known as ZACube-2, was developed by the CPUT in cooperation with the French South African Institute of Technology. 
SpaceX's Triple Play Turns into a Home Run With Launch and Subsequent Deployment of TESS and Return of Rocket 
telescope/camera that will hunt for undiscovered worlds around nearby stars, providing targets where future studies will assess their capacity to harbor life.
Orbital ATK's TESS Exoplanet Satellite Launch Is a First on Exciting Journey for NASA Seeking New Planets;
This successful launch marks the 31st science spacecraft they have developed and built for NASA over the last 35 years.
Engility Gains Three Sole-Source Awards with U.S. Intelligence Community
In addition to intelligence analysis, systems engineering and integration, and cybersecurity, Engility will assist in core activities like modeling and ...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's RL10 to Soar to New Heights ... Selected for Orbital ATK's OmegA™ Rocket
the RL10  sent hundreds of satellites into orbit, spacecraft to every planet and the first human-made object, the Voyager I spacecraft, into interstellar space.