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A Big Job from MIT Lincoln Laboratory for Small Satellite Experts Blue Canyon Technologies 
Blue Canyon Technologies Selected for MIT Lincoln Laboratory Agile MicroSatellite Mission
Vice President Mike Pence to Participate at the Opening Ceremony of IAC 2019 
IAF and AIAA are honored that Vice President Pence will be participating in IAC 2019. As with any high-ranking government official speaking at an IAC...
Indra Working with European Space Agency to Minimize Damage from Tsunamis, Volcanos, Floods and More
With a population of more than 350,000, the city on the island of Sulawesi was devastated by a huge wave after a 7.5-magnitude seaquake.
Airbus' New Capabilities for OceanFinder ... Life Saving Features, Monitoring Illegal Maritime Activities
automated analytics, to support a broad range of critical applications across defense and security, shipping, oil and gas, and insurance markets.
Maxar's New St. Louis Facility with 48 New Hires Supports U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Programs
due to its proximity to the National Geospatial and Intelligence Center West  facility, the T-REX Geospatial Resource and Innovation Center and several
Space is Open for Business ... and Cybersecurity Risks as Kubos Joins Orbital Security Alliance
Now that space is the latest frontier open for business, there are cautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of orbital assets. To that end...
How Satellites Revolutionize Oil Trading
The growing importance of satellite data in the oil market became acutely evident recently, following the drone and missile attacks on Saudi oil 
Smallsats from Rwanda and Egypt Launch from ISS
Among the cargo carried onboard the HTV-8 rocket were three smallsats (AQT-D, NARSScube-1 and RWASat-1) for deployment from the...
Global IP's African Broadband Satellite Service to Try Again
The ‘new’ Global-IP project is backed by Bronzelink Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong, and reports suggest that the company is looking to renegotiate the...
Laser Precision: NASA Flights and Satellites Align Over The Sea
"He was able to nail it," Kwok said. "He was able to get to that part of the Arctic so there's almost zero time lag between ICESat-2 and the airplane."
China Launches Gaofen-10 EO Satellite Providing Photos with Resolution of Less than a Meter
The satellite was launched aboard a Long March-4C rocket and successfully entered its planned orbit. This was the 314th flight mission of...
First-of-its-Kind ... Northrop's Satellite Refueling Spacecraft Readies for Upcoming Launch
The Mission Extension Vehicle could give commercial satellites new life.
Perigee Aerospace Signs on to Use Southern Launch Rocket Facilities in South Australia
Signed at the 8th Space Forum in Adelaide, South Australia, the agreement sees the two New Space startups work together to launch small...
Watching the Watchers: The State of Space Surveillance
Despite his relatively low tech approach, he was able to snap shots of these secretive spacecraft that appear to confirm suspicions ...
Viasat's IFC System Gains FAA Certification for Bombardier Business Jets
Viasat’s dual-band offering combines the advantages of Ka- and Ku-band into a single solution that provides added reliability. This hybrid service...
Amazon’s Project Kuiper and OneWeb Raise the Curtain Higher on their Satellite Plans
The answers make clear that Project Kuiper’s satellite design is still very much in flux. That’s in contrast to SpaceX, which has already launched 60 
RAF Pilot to Help Launch UK Space Force Satellite
Fifty years after the lunar landing the Royal Air Force is taking its first small steps into space. 
Delos Uses Satellite Imagery and AI to Help Homeowners in Wildfire Areas Get Insurance
If your home is in a wildfire area, insurance companies tend to not want to go anywhere near it.
RFI Published by DARPA for Contractor Support of Launch Services
A Request For Information (RFI) that seeks information for contractor support in the area of launch services, with the following characteristics...
Morgan Stanley Research:  Intelsat S.A. — Catalyst Driven Idea
The FCC's Final Report and Order should address if — and how (private auction, etc.) — the C-Band, currently used by satellite providers can be...