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Recent Regulatory/Government News
Thursday's ULA Launch Scrubbed ... Ground Issues
Thursday's launch is a no go due to ground issues.
Arabsat Broadband Services Launch Arabsat Expand to Bridge the Digital Divide in Remote Communities
“This project flips the use of satellite on its head.”
Luxembourg and China Sign Space Development MOU
The areas of potential cooperation include, but are not limited to, economic, legal, regulatory and technological ...
Space Florida's Operational Storage Facility Prepares Upcoming SBIRS GEO 4 for Launch
serves as the pre-launch storage and check-out facility for the Atlas V's solid rocket boosters (SRB) while they await their call-up on a mission.
Oh I See ICEYE's First Ever ... ICEYE-X1 Radar Image from Space Published
World's first Synthetic-aperture radar satellite under 100kg validates capabilities of miniaturized SAR technology
Paradigm SWARMs Across Five Continents
The SWARM can pack into one case or backpack which is compliant as airline hand luggage and it can be setup in under 90 seconds.
Oman's First Satellite to Launch in 2019 to Detect Light Pollution
This refers to the brightening of the night sky caused by street lights and other man-made sources.
Aerojet Rocketdyne's RS-25 Test Heard 'Round the World ... Advances Exploration Efforts
The RS-25 program has 16 engines left in its inventory from the space shuttle program that are currently being repurposed for SLS, which will make...
ULA Launches NROL-47 on Secret Mission for the National Reconnaissance Office in Support of National Defense
...program was established by the U.S. Air Force to provide assured access to space for Department of Defense and other government payloads. 
It's No Secret that Aerojet Rocketdyne's Propulsion Systems Supported Launch of the Secret NROL-47 Mission
The RS-68A is the world’s most powerful liquid-hydrogen/liquid-oxygen booster engine.
Arianespace’s 2018 Begins with Upcoming Launch of SES-14 and Al Yah 3 Satellites and Plans for Numerous Soyuz Missions
With Ariane 5 in position at the Final Assembly Building, the launcher is ready to receive its two satellite passengers...
China Sends Off Three in Four ...Today's EO Satellite Totals Third Launch in Four Days
in what is expected to be an unprecedentedly busy year for China, with more than 40 launches possible.
ITU ... 'Don't Touch That Dial' ... Plans to to Keep the Radio On with New Satellite Regulation Fees
Keeping geostationary sats chatting is simple. Low-Earth sats need more brains...
JAXA's No Strike Zone ... Lightening Causes Launch of ASNARO 2 Be Scrubbed
All ready to launch and then ... First it was an electrical system in 2017, and now an electrical storm that has caused the delay of-2.
Advantech Wireless' European NATO Stamp of Approval ...Engage™ FlyAway VSAT Receives Certification
The ASAT II™ system allows the same modem to operate 3 different access wave forms, and achieve the most efficient bandwidth utilization possible.
Satellite Industry Association has a New Executive Committee
A new year, a new executive committee from SES, Viasat, and Intelsat.
Another Delay ULA is Up in Arms ... Thursday's NROL-47 Launch Scrubbed and Rescheduled
Another scrub of the NROL-47 from Space Launch Complex-6
GovSat a New Brand and Joint Venture of Government of Luxembourg and SES ...Arrives for SpaceX Launch
"...highly flexible payload featuring advanced encryption and anti-jamming capabilities, will further secure the connectivity for our users’ applications."
Orbit Ends 2017 with a Bang .... Record Breaking December Orders Total More than US$20 Million    
Seven key deals contribute to the best December in company history
GVF Celebrates 20th Anniversary Their Past Successes and Executive Board 
GVF has become the unified voice of the global satellite communications industry with member organizations from every major region of the world.