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Recent Military News
Harris and L3 Technologies to Form Largest Merger in Defense History to Combine in 'Merger of Equals'
"we are confident in our ability to realize $500 million of annual gross cost synergies and $3 billion of free cash flow by year three.”
Kratos' RT Logic Subsidiary Licenses Waveforms to Harris
The radio is part of Harris’ five-year, $130 million, single-award IDIQ from the U.S. Air Force to develop and deliver Hand Held Video Data Link (HH-VDL) radios...
Day L3 as ULA Readies for Fourth and Final AEHF-4 Mission for U.S.A.F.'s Communications Satellite
EHF satellites provide highly-secure, jam-proof connectivity between U.S. national leadership and deployed military forces.
U.S.A.F.'s Three EELV Launch Service Agreements Go to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and ULA
The Launch Service Agreements will facilitate the development of three domestic launch system prototypes and enable the future competitive...
XTAR Provides High Data Rates for a SATCOM on the Move Even When the Going Gets Wet
demonstration was 38.2 MHz with bandwidth efficiency of 0.73 bits/Hz, as heavy rain began to fall, the satellite link held strong.
Air Force Space Command's 12th Schriever Wargame Underway
The Schriever Wargame scenario, set in the year 2028, will explore critical space issues and investigate the integration activities of multiple agencies...
Viasat's Successful Connectivity Demo at the AUSA Conference
By offering a secure, integrated network of cloud-enabled solutions, Viasat can reduce warfighters' cognitive loads in order to make more accurate...
Maxar’s SSL's Portfolio Potential Includes Innovative Solutions with DoD and Other U.S. Government's Agencies
SSL is eligible to compete for multiple future awards over the five-year ordering period of the contract, up to a cumulative value of $750 million.
Viasat's Multi-Mission Terminal Proven Battlefield Ready During 2018 Saber Strike Exercise
With the Saber Strike field validation, Viasat's MMT is now battlefield-validated for immediate use and purchase across all U.S. and other Five Eyes (FVEY) military branches,...
Raytheon and a Northrop Grumman/Ball Aerospace Team to Compete for the Lockheed Martin Next Generation OPIR GEO Satellite System
This payload competition between Raytheon and Northrop Grumman/Ball Aerospace will be executed as part of the Phase 1 contract for ...
Raytheon's First SeeMe Satellite is Delivered to DARPA Assists Soldiers on the Ground 
Assembled on the company's advanced missile production lines, the new SeeMe satellite will provide greater situational awareness to soldiers on the ground...
COTS Solutions for the Battlefield Retooled by Draper
Additive manufacturing, also referred to as 3D printing, is versatile, flexible, highly customizable and, as such, can suit most sectors of industrial ...
UK's  Ministry of Defence Signs on with Elbit Systems Ensuring Management from Offices to Battlefields
will provide the British Army with an operationally proven battle management application for both headquarters and tactical units
Maxar's SSL and Radiant Solutions Companies to Lead Critical U.S. Defense Concepts for the DoD's Missile Defense Agency
The award demonstrates how Maxar Technologies companies are working together to build a better world and maintain American leadership in space...
NexGen Mission Tech DoD Contract Awarded to BAE Systems
The contract provides fast, flexible, low-cost solutions across technical disciplines to meet the current and future technology needs of...
Northrop Grumman and Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Shovel Sod to Begin Satellite Ground Station East
The SGS-E will be a major component of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) future satellite communications (SATCOM) capability,
China's Newest Laser Satellite Developed for Anti Submarine Warfare is it a New 'Death Star' for Submarines?
it will make the upper layer of the sea “more or less transparent”.
“It will change almost everything,”
Harris Two-Channel Handheld Radios Ordered by U.S. Army
The AN/PRC-163 enables users to send information up and down the chain of command as well as across the battlefield network backbone and...
Northrop Grumman Awarded (Maximum) $500 Million HELIOS Contract by the Defense Intelligence Agency
The HELIOS program provides the opportunity for continued innovation in science and technology for the Defense Intelligence Agency.
An Astronaut and 'Army Strong' Woman as This Soldier's Childhood Dream Comes True
"I always tell people it is amazing the perspective you get when you get out of your comfort zone long enough to make it your comfort zone."