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May 26th, 2020

eSAT™ Global's SATCOM Modules are On Track as They Track Endangered Species

eSAT Global, Inc. (“eSAT”) is partnering with IoT device company G8Way Technologies which is one of South Africa’s leading IoT device makers and an active participant and proponent in the protection of endangered species across the African continent.

G8Way is an IoT pioneer in South Africa and has developed a host of sensor solutions that have been implemented in a range of applications from asset tracking, animal traceability, cold chain and other security related solutions. One of G8way's proudest achievements has been to play an active role in the counter poaching movement, helping to protect and preserve endangered wildlife.

The initial phase of the project will result in field trials of eSAT’s direct-to-GEO-satellite communication modules integrated with G8Ways.

G8Way Technologies CEO, Mischa Slabbert, said that the company has been in the IoT industry for a long time now and have had the opportunity to look at, and access, many different connectivity solutions in that time. The firm had never been quite able to effectively crack some of the difficult issues they have had with animal tracking, whether it be livestock or endangered species.
     Mischa came across eSAT doing a web search and after talking to them, he realized just how useful they could be as a partner. Not only will they provide low cost connectivity, he said, but the planned device size is so small it will easily be accommodated into G8Way devices and the battery life will be extended by years. When dealing with large animals, such as rhinos that must be anesthetized, even something as simple as changing a battery can be a risk for the animal. There are a myriad of opportunities to work with eSAT directly across Africa.

Rick Somerton, eSAT’s Regional Director ANZ, remarked that when Mischa reached out to the firm looking for a solution, the company thought it was just a simple commercial enquiry; however, the opportunity for eSAT is much greater than that. It will be gratifying for the firm's entire team if the technology is able to play a small role in protecting endangered species. eSAT is engaging in this partnership with G8Way and this is a priority, due to the obvious benefits that go well beyond the commercial opportunities the firm already possesses.