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October 8th, 2019

KenCast: @ Satellite Innovation 2019 with Products and Demos

During the Satellite Innovation 2019 show this week at the Computer Museum in Silicon Valley, California, running from Tuesday to Thursday, October 8 to 10, 2019, KenCast will demonstrate their latest Fazzt platform that enables secure, hi-reliable, cost-effective content delivery, on the current and pending networks, to fixed sites and Vehicles-On-The-Move (VOTM).

KenCast provides custom support for traditional applications and new applications enabled by hybrid networking with constantly improving technology for:

  • GEO satellites
  • NGOS (MEO, LEO, Nanosatellite)
  • CDNs
  • 5G\eMBMS
  • ATSC 3.0
  • Fiber and Laser
  • Antennas


KenCast will be presenting their delivery of files and live event coverage video with hybrid NGOS (LEO and MEO satellite) constellations and 4G & ATSC 3.0 to fixed sites and Vehicles-On-The-Move (VOTM).

Plus, the firm will demo live streaming coverage of events through the firm's Vazzt Cloud Service This service enables portable live production for independent online producers using the VazztCaster software. There is no need to build infrastructure — get the VazztCaster and immediately start uploading to the Vazzt Cloud in HD and deliver to viewers with desktop and mobile devices. The Vazzt Cloud Service features HD uplinking (e.g., 1080i) with transcoding for delivery to  viewers at the best resolution they can handle. Monetize content with Pay Services (PPV and Paid Subscriptions) provided by KenCast.