Satnews Daily
February 23rd, 2018

Barefoot Technologies Demo'ing 5G Tech @ Mobile World Congress

Barefoot Networks has announced several technology demos that will be shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 26 to March 1.

Leveraging P4-programmability, Barefoot Tofino™ and Barefoot Deep Insight ™, these demos with leading networking solutions providers and consortiums underscore the benefits of computational networking as enabled by Barefoot Networks’ technology to 5G networks.

The fundamental transformation of mobile networks with 5G technology brings opportunities and challenges to operators. Features such as full visibility into the network, accelerated VNF performance and low-latency are critical requirements for meeting the high quality of experience that operators need to deliver to their customers. Barefoot Networks, together with its partners, is showcasing how its technology can enable operators to scale their networks and deliver seamless 5G experiences.

The following breakthrough demonstrations will be showcased at Mobile World Congress:

Demo Name: Programmable, Real-time, High-performance Per-packet Telemetry and Analytics for 5G Network Deployments
Description: The P4 programmability of Barefoot’s Tofino series of Ethernet switch ASICs and Xilinx’s FPGA-based SmartNICs unlock full network visibility at nanosecond granularity through the programmable collection of per-packet telemetry information. Barefoot Deep Insight consumes this rich telemetry data, performing deep analytics and visualization giving 5G network operators the ability to monitor network performance over millions of flows, identify and fix trouble spots in the network, and provision services appropriately for customers.
Partners: Xilinx
Location: Xilinx - Hall 5, Booth 5L14MR

Demo Name: Intelligent Multi-access Edge Compute with 5G User Plane Function Offload to Barefoot Tofino Switches
Description: This demo will showcase the P4-programmable fabric for 5G networks where the Serving Gateway (SGW) and Packet Gateway (PGW) functionality is implemented in P4 and runs on Barefoot Tofino switches at line-rate. This programmable fabric is controlled with the open, extensible, scalable and silicon-independent P4 Runtime framework, together with the ONOS controller.
Partners: Open Networking Foundation (ONF)
Location: ONF - Hall 5, Booth 5I61

Demo Name: Unlocking Extreme Visibility for Cybersecurity Applications with Barefoot Deep Insight and NoviFlow CyberMapper
Description: The P4-programmable 6.5Tb/s Barefoot Tofino Ethernet switch ASIC and Barefoot Deep Insight are leveraged by NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Threat Intelligence Gateway application to gain unprecedented levels of awareness, control, threat detection and mitigation capabilities. This joint demo showcases NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS running on Barefoot Tofino based whitebox switches implementing in-network DDoS protection and generating granular per-packet telemetry. Barefoot Deep Insight running on commodity servers will complement the solution giving insights into flows violating the DDoS policies and visibility into performance issues such as packet drops, path changes and latency variations through the network.
Partner: NoviFlow   
Location: NoviFlow – Hall 7, Booth 7M11

Demo Name: Real-time Subscriber QoS Issues Detection Using Barefoot Deep Insight and Netsia Network and Customer Analytics
Description: The joint solution utilizes Barefoot Deep Insight and Netsia Network and Customer Analytics to detect subscriber flows experiencing failure or poor QoS. Netsia’s Network and Customer Analytics identifies the flows experiencing the problems meeting SLAs and Barefoot Deep Insight goes further to the packet-level delivering real-time, per-packet visibility enabling operators to pinpoint the exact forwarding entity that is causing the problem and what the problem is.
Partners: Netsia (A Turk Telekom Company)
Location: Netsia - Hall 1, 1C40

Demo Name: A Scalable Data Center Networking Fabric utilizing Barefoot Tofino and the Kaloom Flow Fabric™ for Enhancing 5G Services
Description: P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino series of Ethernet switch ASICs support the Kaloom Flow Fabric - a fully programmable, automated, software-based data center fabric capable of running virtual network functions efficiently at scale and natively supporting slicing of networking and computing resources with complete isolation. The demo showcases this solution running on Barefoot Tofino based whitebox switches using a standard unmodified Linux operating system (e.g., RHEL Atomic) and utilizing fully open standards integrating with industry platforms such as Openstack, Kubernetes and OpenDaylight.
Partner: Kaloom  
Location: Red Hat - Hall 2, Booth 2G40