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March 28th, 2011

SkyTraq... Double Your Pleasure (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Here's a single migration path for GPS systems who wish to move forward and offer GLONASS/GPS products...

SkyTraq has introduced a compact 25mm x 25mm, high-performance, low-power GLONASS/GPS receiver. It is compatible to a popular 25mm x 25mm-sized GPS receiver model and the user can use it as direct drop-in replacement to upgrade their existing GPS product into a high performance GLONASS/GPS product instantly and without any hardware redesign effort. All that is needed is to use a GLONASS/GPS antenna, instead. The new GLONASS/GPS receiver features a 29 second cold start TTFF, -145dBm cold starting and -159dBm navigation sensitivity. It is capable of operating in 12 tracking channel GPS-only mode, 12 tracking channel GLONASS-only mode, and 24 tracking channel GLONASS + GPS mode. The advanced 24 channel GLONASS/GPS track engine enables continuous navigation using signals down to -159dBm and combines multipath detection and mitigation algorithms. The receiver is capable of continuous accurate navigation in difficult urban canyon and deep foliage environments and is ideal for navigation and tracking applications that require high-performance GLONASS/GPS dual-satellite navigation technology.