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May 16th, 2016

On The Show Floor... WORK Microwave's Product Portfolio At CommunicAsia2016

At CommunicAsia2016, WORK Microwave will demonstrate how satellite operators can dramatically increase flexibility, bandwidth, and margins while reducing their operational costs by using its portfolio of analog and digital SATCOM solutions.

New products on display will include the all-IP DVB-S2X A-Series and Q-band ready synthesized block converter. WORK Microwave devices have been deployed by operators worldwide to support a range of applications within the satellite broadcast and satellite communications markets, including SNG/contribution, direct-to-home, IP networking, teleport management, governmental, and more.

Key Product and Technology Demos

Frequency Converters

Q-Band Synthesized Block Converter: Ready to support the Q-band, spanning 33GHz to 50GHz, WORK Microwave's synthesized block converters prepare operators to meet the growing consumer demand for high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services. Compared with block converters that have fixed or switchable LO, WORK Microwave's offering includes a tunable LO with 100Hz step size. The frequency bandwidth can be selected by the operator to achieve low spurious emissions. These unique capabilities allow wideband frequency coverage with only one unit, whereas other approaches, i.e., fixed block converters, require several different block converter modules.

Fixed-Frequency, Multi-Channel Block Converters: WORK Microwave's fixed-frequency block converters will be on display at CommunicAsia2016. Based on a compact, modular design that allows operators to support up to four channels in XL outdoor housing or within indoor 19-inch housing, the multi-channel block converters are effective at lowering operational expenses and saving valuable space. Leveraging the converter's unique four-channel design, satellite operators have access to the full capacity of the Ka-band, spanning 27GHz to 31GHz. The frequency converter series is the ideal solution for operators looking to expand their satellite capacity into next-generation spectrums like Ka-band to support high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services, offering support for all satellite spectrums, from S to K/DBS, for maximum flexibility.

DVB Equipment

NEW A-Series: WORK Microwave will bring its new A-Series FPGA-based family of modem, modulator, and demodulator platforms to CommunicAsia2016, showing attendees how to achieve maximum performance for IP trunking and IP network infrastructure applications. The A-Series platforms are completely versatile, scalable, and customizable, making them ideal for telecommunication companies, Internet service providers, and teleport operators. By providing operators with a flexible platform for both standardized DVB-S2X and customized satellite communication, the A-Series simplifies the transition toward an all-IP environment. For the first time in the Asia-Pacific market, attendees can view the AX-60, the first modem unit introduced under the A-Series family. Through a powerful processing architecture that supports the latest DVB-S2X standard, WORK Microwave's AX-60 IP modem provides users with a future-proof solution. Advanced features and benefits include higher modulation schemes up to 256APSK, a finer granularity of ModCods, and advanced filtering. The AX-60's processing architecture offers signal-based advancements, a flexible software platform, and improved access from monitoring and control to the transmission parameters, allowing direct real-time monitoring as well as a quick adaptation to specific operator requirements. Scalable hardware ensures that operators can serve all applications from very low to extremely high throughput.

DVB-S2X Broadcast Modulator: A key highlight at CommunicAsia2016 will be WORK Microwave's DVB-S2X Broadcast Modulator, one of the industry's only solutions that comes predistortion-ready for automatic group delay and nonlinearity compensation. Ideal for DTH broadcast, video contribution, and distribution applications over satellite, the DVB-S2X Broadcast Modulator allows operators to mitigate the negative effects in satellite filters and amplifiers, while reducing power and increasing beam coverage, throughput, and availability. Other innovative features include DVB-S2 multistream, TSoIP, wideband up to 80Mbaud, and carrier ID. By supporting DVB-S2X extensions, WORK Microwave's DVB-S2X Broadcast Modulator provides operators with a future-proof platform that offers smaller roll-offs, advanced filtering, and higher modulation schemes, enabling operators to achieve sizeable efficiency gains compared with proprietary systems.

Redundancy Switch

Compact Redundancy Switch System 8:1: At CommunicAsia2016, WORK Microwave will showcase the Redundancy Switch RSCC-8 system, a compact 8:1 solution that can be used for L-Band upconverters, downconverters, and modulators. Designed with ease of use in mind, the system can be controlled by satellite operators from the front panel of the controller box or remotely via RS-232, RS-422/485, or IP over Ethernet. When operating in automatic mode, an automatic switchover to a set of standby units is performed upon detection of an alarm generated by the active units. Operators can also choose to initiate a manual switchover to the standby units, if needed. Multiple power supplies and AC input connectors guarantee high availability of the system. The system includes a 1HU controller box and a 1HU switch box. It is also available with integrated uplink power control.