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May 4th, 2020

Cytta Corp. Sells Tech to their Primary VAR to Enhance Mission-Critical Comms

Cytta Corp. (OTCPINK: CYCA) has sold their SUPR Stream 2.0 Compression systems pursuant to the firm's strategic partnership with a worldwide primary Value Added Reseller.

This VAR is a leading provider of classified government satellite services and has now successfully marketed the SUPR Stream 2.0 to their classified clients to enhance the capabilities of mission-critical communications.

The purchase order formally integrates Cytta’s proprietary low-bandwidth video compression product(s) with the VAR’s extensive remote communications systems integration offerings.  The SUPR Stream technology enabled the VAR to create and market a proprietary solution for its military clients. By integrating and deploying the SUPR Stream compression product, the VAR is now providing their customers a new and advanced video delivery strategy.

This Agreement serves as a catalyst for Cytta to drive growth and market penetration into the nearly $5 billion market for government and military satellite communications technologies.  The SUPR Stream and IGAN products accelerate the provision of proprietary communication solutions and professional services to existing and new Government and IGO customers.

Video and audio streaming are one of the most important communication tools available to the military and first responders. SUPR Compression technology is currently utilized by the military to stream high-resolution video from anywhere on earth, with a low bandwidth connection. It provides the ability to deliver high-definition video in operationally constrained environments. Adding the IGAN Matrix to the system is vital to connecting remote personnel with those on the front lines allowing complete situational awareness through a real time Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) loop.

Gary Campbell, CEO of Cytta Corp., stated that this VAR is one of the largest remote communication service providers in the world and brings a wealth of experience, and strategic thinking that complements the company's technology and products. This is a powerful opportunity for Cytta to significantly speed integration of our SUPR compression products to multiple clients across many industries. The VAR’s scale and global network focuses on providing communication solutions to existing and new government, IGO and NGO customers. Their reach combined with Cytta's SUPR compression and IGAN communication products will allow the company to immediately serve a broader range of customers.