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October 2019 Edition

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This Month's Features Include:
Dispatches Part I
Five Eyes coalition forces select Viasat’s network encryption products • iDirect Government acquires Glowlink • Environment testing of USAF SMC’s WFOV satellite completed by Millennium Space Systems   Read

Dispatches Part II
Kleos Space awarded USAF contract for the Space Accelerator program • Hughes realizes USAF contract for enterprise management and control prototypes for SATCOM • Santander Teleport to provide comms services to Spanish Armed Forces • Comtech Mobile Data Corporation awarded U.S. Army Blue Force terminal funding   Read

Command Center: Peter Hadinger
Chief Technology Officer, Inmarsat   Read

AI: Helping the DoD Interoperate SATCOM Networks
By Dr. Rajeev Gopal, Vice President of Advanced Programs, and, Rick Lober, Vice President and General Manager, Hughes Defense Division   Read

Profile: U.S.A.F.’s 216th Space Control Squadron—California airmen at the front lines in America’s space wars
By Staff Sergeant Richard D. Lewis   Read

Flat or Parabolic Antennas for MILSATCOM?
By Dr. Rowan Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, EM Solutions   Read

Coming to a Military Mission Soon...Switching between MILSATCOM and COMSATCOM on the fly
By Dr. Mark Dale, Lead System Architect, EM&C, Kratos Defense   Read

Cubesat-Based ISR: Will it fulfill its promise?
By John Beckner, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Technologies   Read

Propulsion Component Qualification and Production Testing
By Chris Johnson, Project Engineer, Experior Laboratories   Read

Can the New Space supply chain produce new national space assets?
By Will Francis, Chief Products Officer, Roccor   Read

Focus: Viasat’s UK Business: Protecting the nation and boosting Britain’s economy
By Kim Hampson, Marketing Director, Viasat   Read

Slingshot Success
At the U.S. Army’s Expeditionary Warrior Experiments   Read

Taking Bandwidth to new places: Resourceful Radomes
By David Walton, Vice President, Walton De-Ice   Read

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Satellite Innovation2
Thales becomes Iridium’s newest Certus aviation service provider • Hughes JUPITER™ System to drive satellite broadband services throughout Algeria • Gilat awarded an LTE satellite backhaul project by NTT DOCOMO • Capella Space partners with SpaceNet to develop geospatial AI apps • Partnership developed between Hyperion Technologies and ITCA to launch 75 student smallsats • Partnership developed between Hyperion Technologies and ITCA to launch 75 student smallsats •   Read

The Forrester Report: Is the OneWeb model doomed?
Senior Columnist Chris Forrester   Read

Space 2.0: How satellite is evolving to address 5G transformation
By Jo De Loor, Vice President, Market Development, Newtec   Read

A Frost & Sullivan Brief: Space Capabilities
The global space industry is transforming at an accelerated pace   Read

HyPer-Speed Propulsion...A greener future for small satellites
By Dr. Brandie L. Rhodes, Engineering Specialist, and Dr. Andrea G. Hsu, Senior Scientist, Propulsion Sciences, The Aerospace Corporation   Read

A Conversation with... Pamela Lugos
Vice President, Business Development Communications and Power Industries (CPI)   Read

Satellite: The “Go To” Solution for Resilient Emergency Response Communications
By Doreet Oren, Director of Product Marketing & Corporate Communications, Gilat Satellite Networks   Read

A Euroconsult Analysis: Examining government space budgets
By Simon Seminari, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult   Read

Marrying Satellite With Cellular/5G and IoT
By Arunas G. Slekys, Vice President, Hughes Network Systems   Read

Antenna Testing and Calibration’s Role in RF Interference
By Joakim Espeland, Chief Executive Officer, QuadSAT   Read

An MSUA Conversation with... Melissa Orlick, Isotropic Networks
By Catherine Melquist, President, Mobile Satellite Users Association   Read

Mega-Constellations...Accelerating the New Data frontier in space
By Douglas Postman, Senior Vice President, Space and Airborne Engineering, Centauri   Read

GEO and LEO systems driving new amplifier development
By Heidi Thelander, Vice President of Business Development, Comtech Xicom Technology   Read

AsiaSat’s 5G Interference Rejection Bandpass Filter
By HU Hai, Senior Communications Systems Engineer, AsiaSat   Read

Executive Spotlight: Joerg F. Herrmann
Senior Vice President, Special Projects, Capella Space   Read

Helping Satellite Maintain its Relevance for Broadcasting
By Pedro Ruiz, R&D Director, Integrasys   Read

Earth Station De-Icing: Avoiding the hidden costs of reflector distortion
By David Walton and Ray Powers of W.B. Walton Enterprises, and Daniel Fryer, AdWavez Marketing LLC.   Read

Focus: Spacecom’s AMOS-17—An advanced satellite designed for Africa
By Joshua Shuman   Read

Banking Via Africa
An SSPI Better Satellite World   Read

Everywhere, On...
Changing everything with truly ubiquitous mobile broadband   Read

Cleaning Up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ...with help from space
By Bruno Sainte-Rose, Lead Computational Modeler, The Ocean Cleanup   Read

Galling... A Serious Issue In Satellite Engineering—however, there are solutions.
By Patrik Lundström Törnquist, Managing Director, and Anders Söderman, Technical Director, BUMAX   Read

Where Experience Counts: TriSept shaping the future of new space with deep launch integration, brokerage and management expertise
By Paul Sims, Satnews Publishers Contributing Editor, and, Principal, Sims Communications   Read

Executive Spotlight: Kirill Makhnovskiy
Chief Executive Officer The Orion Group   Read

The Rise of the Smallsat Gaining traction...
By Rob Michel, Manager of Market and Business Development, Materion Corporation   Read

Bringing LoRa® Devices Out of This World
By Marc Pegulu, Vice President, Vice President of Internet of Things for the Wireless and Sensing Products Group, Semtech   Read

The Smallsat Revolution...Innovation, Interoperability and Automation
By Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr., President and Chief Systems Engineer (CSE), Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI)   Read

Satellite Interference... Have we fixed the problem?
By Martin Coleman, Executive Director, the Satcoms Innovation Group   Read

Connecting Mobile Phone Users Everywhere...and stimulating SATCOM growth
By Charles Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Lynk (previously known as UbiquitiLink)   Read

A Conversation with Jeanne Medvedeva and and Connor Jonas
Jeanne is Launch Services Commercial Director and Connor is CarboNIX Program Manager, Exolaunch   Read

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