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June 2019 Edition

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This Month's Features Include:
Dispatches Part I
Information & News by the Editors   Read

Dispatches Part II
Information & News by the Editors   Read

For Resilient Emergency Response Comms...Satellite is the new “Go To” Solution
By Doreet Oren, Product Marketing and Corporate Communications, Gilat Satellite Networks   Read

The Urgency, Necessity and Challenges of Enterprise SATCOM
By Mike Moran, Vice President, Space Strategies, Peraton   Read

The Advanced First Responder Vehicle: A prototype for the autonomous car
By Ben Posthuma, Connectivity Solutions Manager, Kymeta   Read

A Case for Space 2.o: How commercial networks can enhance U.S. Government capabilities.
By Joseph Campagna, Chief Operating Officer, BridgeSat, Inc.   Read

Igniting The Next satellite constellations.
By Shey Sabripour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cesium Astro   Read

OpEd: Life In A Post-JMS World—U.S. Space Superiority powered by ‘Agile’ acquisitions
By Colonel Jennifer Krolikowski, Senior Material Leader, Space C2, U.S.A.F.’s Space and Missile Systems Center/SY   Read

COTM Land and Airborne Technologies
By Aaron Titus, Norsat International   Read

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InfoBeam Part I
Information & News by the Editors   Read

InfoBeam Part II
Information & News by the Editors   Read

Dispatches Part III
Information & News by the Editors   Read

The Path to “Empowering” Orbital Slots
By Hu Hai, Senior Communications Systems Engineer, AsiaSat   Read

A Digital Lifeline of Consequence: Pacific Island nation’s comms rescued by SATCOM
By Christian Patouraux, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Kacific   Read

Enabling High Capacity SATCOM Terminals
By Assaf Toledano and David Corman, Anokiwave, Inc.   Read

5G — Real SATCOM or a Trojan Horse? An NSR Bottom Line Analysis
By Lluc Palerm-Serra, NSR Senior Analyst, Spain   Read

The Forrester Report: Is DTH already ‘mature’ and now facing a slow decline?
By Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist   Read

Is it Price or Performance? Market growth for solid state BUCs
By Steve Richeson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC   Read

The Proposed NIIRS: Developing a new interpretability scale to adapt to the evolution of satellite imaging
By Dr. Peter Wegner, Chief Strategy Officer, Spaceflight Industries   Read

A Kratos Constellations Podcast Excerpt: Enabling the convergence of satellite and terrestrial networks
with NSR Analyst Lluc Palerm-Serra   Read

The Next Big Leap in Smallsat Management is...
...Artificial Intelligence (AI)   Read

Investing In Innovation: Accelerating the ascent to Z Space
By the Airbus Ventures team   Read

The Equalizer: 3D printed antennas
By Dr. Albin J. Gasiewski, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, Orbital Micro Systems   Read

Game Changing Solutions: How new satellite technology is changing the maritime landscape for years to come
By Wouter Deknopper, Vice President and General Manager, Maritime, Iridium Communications   Read

Gallium Nitride...The five things we all need to know
By Ron Merritt, Marketing Director, Regional Vice President, Sales — EMEA   Read

Mobile Connectivity
Transformative innovations...   Read

An Executive Summary: Start-Up Space—Investments in commercial space ventures through 2017
By the Bryce Space and Technology’s analysis team   Read

The Bridge to Innovation
Nothing ventured, nothing gained   Read

An Innovative Approach to IOV/IOD: Speeding up space heritage acquisition
By Stefano Antonetti, Program Manager, D-Orbit   Read

A Conversation with Bill Milroy
Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, ThinKom   Read

3D Printing Solutions: A pioneering technology for space
By Peter Guggenbach, Chief Executive Officer, RUAG Space   Read

Satellites Keep the Lights On...Grid support from space
By the Space and Satellite Professionals (SSPI) editorial team   Read

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