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Pentagon Wants to Test a Space-Based Weapon in 2023
Such weapons are needed to counter new missiles from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, but just figuring out what might work is a difficult technical
Pre-Solicitation by the National Geospatial Agency for Satellite Altimetry Modeling
This effort is to create satellite based altimetry models of the world. The models will be fully produced and their error calculated prior to being given ...
C-Band Alliance Proposal for 5G Spectrum Roll-Out Gains Independent Support
Additionally, the CBA issued a ‘Public Interest’ list of responses to the various grumbles presented to the FCC. Notably, the Alliance stresses that ...
Amid Worry Over Space Wars, America Already has Tools to Shoot Down Satellites
Russia and China, too, have anti-satellite technologies. They are including space in the future war plans.
Video Appears to Show SpaceX's New Spaceship for NASA Exploding During a Safety Test
On Sunday, an unverified video on Twitter claimed to show the space capsule exploding during the test.
The Latest Lost Satellite is Now Space Junk that Could Put Other Spacecraft at Risk
“It’s a big problem, because now basically you have a floating bomb in GEO,”
The Pentagon is Investing in Space Robots to Repair Satellites
robots offer the best bet for inspecting and repairing high-altitude satellites, especially with the number of satellites set to skyrocket due to a budding 
How This NASA Telescope is Defending the Earth From Asteroids
about 20,000 near-Earth objects have flitted in and out of our neighborhood in recent decades—almost 900 of which were more than 3,200 feet across.
DISA Awards Iridium with EMSS Ground Site Contract
Dedicated for use by the U.S. DoD, their Iridium gateway serves as the uplink and downlink point for the DoD’s EMSS communications capabilities through 
Hubble's 29th Anniversary Celebrates with a Colorful Crab ... Southern Crab Nebula
Hubble's landmark accomplishments include making the deepest views ever taken of the evolving universe, finding planet-forming disks around ...
Successful Berthing of Northrop Grumman's Cygnus Spacecraft with the ISS
While his crewmates had flown to space on previous missions, Chaffee had not yet traveled to space. The naming of Cygnus in honor of his memory ...
Blue Origin Signs Agreement with NASA for Historic Test Stand Use at Marshall Space Flight Center
Under a Commercial Space Launch Act agreement, Blue Origin will upgrade and refurbish Test Stand 4670, at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center...
India’s DRDO Head Suggests Test Was Not a 'One-Off' and Outlines Counterspace Capability Ambitions
Reddy’s comments suggest that its March 2019 ASAT test was not a one-off, at least under the leadership of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
University of Texas Students Develop Software to Help Satellites Seek Objects
part of a NASA project to design small spacecrafts that can fly around larger ones carrying humans to conduct damage inspections or provide servicing 
Northrop Grumman's Antares Rocket to Send the Company's Cygnus Spacecraft on the Firm's 11th Cargo Mission to ISS
Pending completion of cargo late load, final vehicle testing and acceptable local weather conditions, the launch will take place April 17 with lift-off ...
Satellite Research Center Launched to Advance the Australian Space Industry
The national SmartSat CRC will be headquartered at the University of South Australia and will bring together an A$190 million cash and in-kind...
The Competitive DARPA Launch Challenge is... Launched
The commercial small-launch (10 to 1000 kg.) industry has embraced advances in manufacturing, micro-technologies, and autonomous...
NASA's CLASP-2 Payload Mission a Success
CLASP-2, the acronym for Chromospheric Layer Spectropolarimeter-2, is a sounding rocket mission. Smaller, more affordable and faster to design and...
Navigation Receiver for NASA's PACE Mission to be Delivered by RUAG Space
For the climate satellite, scheduled to launch in 2022, RUAG Space will deliver a navigation receiver. The receiver for LEO can determine a ...
Unveiled: Kratos Defense and Security Becomes the Founding Member of Space ISAC at 35th Space Symposium
To facilitate the Space ISAC’s origination and organization as the founding member, Kratos has coordinated the organizational planning and federal ...