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Statements from ULA and NASA as They Finally Launch NOAA's JPSS-1... Forever Changing Weather Forecasts 
provide information about atmospheric temperature and moisture, clouds, sea surface temperature, ocean color, sea ice cover, volcanic ash, and fire ... 
Ready, Set, Go ... Almost as Ukraine Plans First Satellite Launch
"We expect that we would be able to complete all the works necessary for Ukraine to finally get its own communication satellite in the orbit in ...
Thursday's Update Scrubbed Again, NOAA's JPSS-1 Has New Launch Date Set
The team is assessing their options.
SpaceX Calls for Delay in Launch of Mysterious Zuma Spacecraft
SpaceX’s official mission overview for this one basically doesn’t even mention the Zuma...
Airbus' Weather Satellites Have Come a Long Way in 40 Years ... Major Improvements in Upcoming Met-Ops
The six-day weather forecasts made today are as accurate as 24-hour ones of forty years ago.
Canada's Serendipitous Spaceport's Goals are On Track
In addition to being on track with development plans, Matier says MLS has been pleasantly surprised by a couple of “serendipitous” developments.
Satellite Industry Association Commends New FCC Spectrum Rules
The organization is initially pleased and commends the FCC’s for addressing some of the significant concerns of the satellite industry by...
NASA Selects SSL in Consideration to Go Deep ... to the Moon and Deeper Into Space
The gateway will be a human crew-tended spaceport in lunar orbit that functions as an access point to the Moon and deep space
Ocean Signal's Rapid Response Saved Lives 25 Minutes from 'In the Drink' to Sipping a Warm Drink
‘Within 25 minutes of the EPIRB being set off, we were in the airbase taking a shower’ – sailor Edward Harwood
MENA’s Satellite Pay TV Market is Projected to Pass 10 Million Subscriptions by 2021
The report also provides historical KPI’s for Abu Dhabi Sports before exiting the market.
USGS-NASA Pecora Award Recognizes Excellence in Earth Observation
The award has been presented annually since 1974 and honors the memory of William T. Pecora, Ph.D., former director of the USGS and...
Beijing and Taipei 'Join Hands' to Team Up in Space to Track Earthquakes
Beijing and Taipei will join hands in space to monitor the electromagnetic signals that can precede earthquakes
A Tango in Microgravity at ISS is a First for Thales Alenia Space's Enhanced Cygnus Spacecraft 
It will be unloaded and used for the first time as an extension of the orbiting laboratory for an experiment featuring the SpaceTango facility ...
USGS' Surprising Results of Worldwide Croplands, Nation with Highest Cropland is Not What was Expected
“Given the high resolution of 30 meters and 0.09 hectares per pixel, a big advantage is the ability to see croplands in any country and sub-national ... "
Big Day Upcoming for Northwest Nazarene University + Caldwell High School — Idaho's First Satellite to be Launched
MakerSat-0 will orbit around the Earth’s poles 14 times a day at 17,000 mph for the next several years, sending back data on the robustness of various...
JAXA To Attempt Their Small Rocket Launch Again This December
They used components found in home electronics and smartphones for the rocket, which is about the size of a utility pole.
Update with New Firm Schedule After Tuesday's Scrub of ULA Delta II's JPSS-1 
... due to a red range and a late launch vehicle alarm ...
SCISYS Wins Ground Control and Communications for German Sat Mission 
it offers the potential, where needed, to provide reliable automation technology that complements the conventional, non-automated system...
Landsat Satellite Data Usability Significantly Improved by USGS
This initial ARD release includes Landsat 4-8 imagery of the conterminous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. In the future, the USGS plans to add the...
The Indian Space Research Organisation Goes for Double and Plans to Launch Twice as Many Satellites
Requirements have gone up. We also have to fill up the backlog. We are targeting to double the launch frequency to 18 per year from 2018-19