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Current Satellite News
February 25th, 2020
Space: New Japanese Spy Satellites
In the late 1990s Japan, alarmed at the threat of attack by North Korea, began developing and launching military satellites.
Iridium® Network at Work in Antarctica as President of Estonia Signs and Conducts Business
... managing state affairs in real-time from Antarctica and signing digital legally binding documents ... using the weather resilient Iridium Certus®...
L3Harris Receives NAVWAR Contract Mod for ULV Hardware Units
This modification provides for the exercise of firm-fixed-price options for Commercial Broadband Satellite Program Unit Level Variant (ULV)...
Satellite Mediaport Services Teleport ... They've Got EUTELSAT 8 West B Satellite's Back
the two teleports are reliably ensuring superior quality broadcasts from the satellite across the Middle East and North Africa.
Space & Satellite Professionals International's Space & Satellite Hall of Fame to Induct Three Members
Their achievements — not just in business success but in harnessing satellite technology and services — help to transform life on Earth for the better.”
Ad Astra Completes Full Power Test of Their VASIMR™ Rocket Engine
The test, conducted on January 20, involved operating the unit in hard vacuum and thermal steady-state at its full power rating of 120 kW. As part...
Dual Directional Coupler Product Family Expanded by KRYTAR
KRYTAR’s new dual directional coupler — the Model 510050010 — is a multi-purpose, stripline design that exhibits excellent coupling over the 10 to...
Successful Final Qualification Test for NASA's Orion Launch Abort System Completed by Northrop Grumman
The test was performed under cold operating conditions, to complement the earlier tests conducted at nominal and high-temperature conditions. In an...