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Current Satellite News
September 30th, 2019
Russia Postpones Launch Of Three Communication Satellites to 2020
As per reports,  The Russian space budget has been cut from 2016 to 2025 from $29 billion to $20 billion.
A Conversation With ... Andrey Kirillovich, Director of Integration and Products, Russian Satellite Communications Company
Andrey shared an interesting 'twist' regarding his customers' expertise. As he said, they are open to cooperation and have a lot of examples of...
NASA Shares Images of Chandrayaan-2 Landing Site and Found a Lunar Lander ... Which One?
NASA’s LRO camera failed to locate Vikram but captured images of Israel's Lander Beresheet which also failed at its attempt to land on the moon in April.
Australia Reboots Space Industry ... Australian Space Experts Focus on Small Sat Technology
Australia aims to grow the space market segment from AU$3.9 billion to AU$12 billion by 2030 and double space industry employment to 30,000.
Bragging Rights ... Ball Delivers Operational Land Imager 2 On Time and Under Budget
On schedule and under budget is a major accomplishment, and in the world of aerospace, goods and services can add up quite a tab.
WTA's First Facility in Indonesia Achieves Tier 3 Certification ... Primacom Interbuana’s Jakarta Teleport
Certifications have been issued to teleports operated by Servicio Satelital, USEI, AXESAT, STN, Eutelsat, du, COMSAT, Optus, Elara Comunicaciones...
Strong Funding for NASA's Lunar Discovery and Exploration Initiative Delivered by Astrobotic
At $22.75 billion, the FY2020 bill would provide a record amount of funding for NASA. This follows multiple years of progressively more funding for the...
Thales Alenia Space Enables Brazil to to Deliver Optical Instruments for Brazil
in 2017 and already brings high speed internet to more than 7,000 Public Schools through the Brazilian e- Government Initiative, GESAC.
California Comes to South Australia Resulting in 30 New Jobs ... Tyvak's New Space Vehicle Testing Facility
US company Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems will establish a manufacturing facility for the integration and testing of space vehicles in South Australia.
NASA Spots Distant Star Being Torn Apart by a Hungry Black Hole
Black holes are devastatingly powerful forces of nature, and nothing demonstrates their incredible might quite like seeing one tear apart a star.
EUMETSAT's Director General Delivers International Cooperation Message at Meteorological Conference
In order to advance numerical modelling and observations from space at a consistent pace in Europe, EUMETSAT partners with the European Centre...
National Geospatial Agency Inducts Four into the GEOINT Hall of Fame
NGA Director Vice Admiral Robert Sharp said that the four individuals being inducting into the GEOINT Hall of Fame this year have individually...
Fairview Microwave Launches New Family of Directional Couplers
Fairview Microwave has launched a new series of high frequency directional couplers that are perfect for use in SATCOM, 5G...
Woman of the Year Presented at the Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards 2019
Judged by an independent panel of judges, the awards acknowledge the achievements made by companies, individuals and industry partners in the...
Tailored Bouquet of Russian Programming to be Delivered for Kartina Satellite by SES
The content, which soon will be available on a new FTV (Free-to-View) encrypted DTH platform on ASTRA 1N satellite at 19.2 degrees East, will...
Forrester Reports: LeoSat Now Engaged in Financing Restructuring
The would-be satellite operator has been working with Thales Alenia Space on the design of the satellites and their orbital constellation. Its investors to...