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Current Satellite News
September 23rd, 2018
Talia and Arabsat's Partnership Ensures Secure TV Broadcast 
customers can benefit from secure broadcasting service that is immune to signal jamming and interference at 26 degrees E hot spot.
Indonesia's First ... Surya University Selected by United Nations and JAXA to Launch Cube Satellite
will be designed for a two-way communication for educational and disaster mitigation purposes, to be carried out by anyone with a valid amateur radio
Northrop Grumman's Successful First Qualification Test of Graphite Epoxy Motor for ULA's Atlas V
Northrop Grumman began developing the motor just three years ago, reaching this static test milestone in rapid time for such a complex drop-in 
World Teleport Association Certifies COMSAT Top Level Tier 4 at Two U.S. Teleports 
This has been COMSAT’s goal since the beginning of the Teleport Certification Program and they are proud to be the first two in North America
Building Tomorrow's Science and Tech Leaders is the Goal of Hughes Support for 4-H
Since 2014, HughesNet has worked with 4-H, the nation’s premier youth development organization, to empower the next generation through STEM...